Amtrak or greyhound?

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Amtak by far! Bus takes too long and traffic sucks. Amtrak you will beat the traffic and you can move around on the cars of Amtrak. Also, if you want to spend the money, you can rent a bedroom on Amtrak.
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What was the purpose of the Amtrak?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed t

What is a a greyhound?

A greyhound is a breed of Dog. These dogs are mostly bred for racing. They are the fastest breed of dogs and are sutable to be used as house pets. They have long skinny legs a

How much would a Greyhound Bus ticket be from Keene New Hampshire to Oklahoma City Oklahoma versus an Amtrak ticket from Brattleboro Vermont to Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

A one-way ticket by bus from Keene NH to Oklahoma City OK the trip would cost as little as $93 with 21 days advance purchase to $206 for a same-day purchase. Greyhound offers

Where can you get a greyhound?

It's almost impossible to get them from a pet shop, since selling dogs in pets shops is illegal in the UK. Get them from places like the RSPCA or the Retired Greyhound Trust.

What is the distance from Amtrak station in Jacksonville Fl to Greyhound bus terminal in Jacksonville Fl?

6.25 miles taking this route: . Turn right out of the Amtrak station onto Clifford Lane. . Take Clifford Lane to New Kings Hwy. Turn right. . New Kings Hwy is U.S. 1 SOUTH