Amtrak or greyhound?

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Amtak by far! Bus takes too long and traffic sucks. Amtrak you will beat the traffic and you can move around on the cars of Amtrak. Also, if you want to spend the money, you can rent a bedroom on Amtrak.
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How fast is a greyhound?

They are very fast! They can run up to 45mph, which is the same speed as a car! They are great at running off their previous running in races, andf if they ever came first, they could probably run to 37 mph now!

Do Greyhounds shed?

All animals shed, however a Greyhound does not have an undercoat, (good for allergic people), therefore they do not shed as bad as any other kind of dog. So they do shed Yes.

What was the purpose of the Amtrak?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed them as not profitable due to compitition by airline and road travel so the government created Amtrak to maintain the passenge (MORE)

How big is a greyhound?

Really, it depends! They can go from tiny puppies to big dogs! But even when they are big, they never seem to get in the way! Personally, I have a greyhound, and I think handling it as a puppy was harder than now, as an adult. Hope this helped! ( :

Were do greyhounds race?

Greyhound's race on a track, chasing a inflatable hare. The main greyhound racing countries are: . Australia Ireland Great Britain New Zealand United States Alabama Arizona Arkansas Connecticut Florida Iowa Kansas Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Texas West Virginia Wisconsin Colorado Ore (MORE)

What is a greyhounds time?

Do you mean their lifespan? If so, on average they live for around ten years if pedigree. I myself have greyhounds, two of which have lived to 12 and 13, but most live to about ten years of age. If they are crossbreeds they can live longer.

Why are greyhounds not gray?

It's just a name. On the side of Greyhounds there is a greyhound. I know the rest of the bus is white, but the picture of the hound is grey. So, they call it a greyhound.

Why are greyhounds gray?

They are not all gray. In fact, they come in a variety of color variations.. there are some grey greyhounds but they are almost extinct. The very first greyhounds might have been grey but it was too far back to know if they where. Now they are mostly other colors like my 2 that are brindle.

What is the weight of a greyhound?

best come in all different sizes usual female greyhound weigh bettween 25kg to 30kg and male greyhounds between 29kg to 38kg. hope i answered ypur question

What is an ocean greyhound?

An ocean greyhound is a cruise ship or passenger ship. Synonyms for ocean greyhound are: floating hotel, floating palace, liner, luxury liner, ocean liner, passenger steamer

How are greyhounds cared for?

Greyhounds are cared for by walking them, feeding them, watering them, playing with them, and basically giving them love. Walking Schedule: Needs to walked at the most once a day, least 3 times a week, and at least one good run in a fenced area. Feeding Schedule: Rather than feeding one big mea (MORE)

How much are greyhounds?

I imagine there are millions of them. Depending on the age and backround of the greyhounds but a average price for a a baby greyhound is 500$ US

Who founded the amtrak?

The United States Congress "founded" Amtrak when it passed The Rail Passenger Service Act (PL 91-518) of 1970. This legislation was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.

What is a a greyhound?

A greyhound is a breed of Dog. These dogs are mostly bred for racing. They are the fastest breed of dogs and are sutable to be used as house pets. They have long skinny legs and a slim shaped body, a pointy head and is overall very light for its size. These features give the greyhound a huge advanta (MORE)

Can greyhounds swim?

Not all dogs can swim. Some bulldogs, greyhounds and Italian greyhounds and whippets cannot swim. Bulldogs have problems due to their body mass vs their little legs. Greyhound breeds or other sight-hound breeds often don't have enough body fat for buoyancy in addition to their long slender legs bein (MORE)

Where do greyhounds sleep?

Greyhounds should sleep on a dog bed or flannel covering. Something warm, since they have extremely short hair and can't retain heat very well.

How old is the greyhound?

The greyhound became a recognized breed in 1886. However, there issome evidence that very similar breeds go back at least 2,000years.

Why are greyhounds fast?

I have 7 greyhound and they have bodies that are structured for running such as long legs and pointed snouts. greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog and can run up to 50-60 mph!

Can greyhounds sit?

Greyhounds can sit but it hurts them from their boney bum. That's why they look funny (I don't mean the "ha ha" way) when they sit. especially on rough surfaces, (etc. Concrete) and the same with slippy surfaces, (etc. Ice). Answer Yes grayhounds can sit altough it is strenuous for them to do s (MORE)

How much would a Greyhound Bus ticket be from Keene New Hampshire to Oklahoma City Oklahoma versus an Amtrak ticket from Brattleboro Vermont to Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

A one-way ticket by bus from Keene NH to Oklahoma City OK the trip would cost as little as $93 with 21 days advance purchase to $206 for a same-day purchase. Greyhound offers 7- and 14-day advance purchase discounts as well so check their website for current fares. Amtrak has trouble finding serv (MORE)

Where are miniature greyhounds from?

well it depends on what kind of 'WHIPPET' it is . A whippet is a miniature greyhound and is a very fast dogs as the greyhound is its great grandma of the dog family tree it is very complex visit another website with more info as i were to explain i would be here fro ever... Hope i helped lol ...x... (MORE)

Which is faster the greyhound or the Italian greyhound?

The answer to which is faster, a Greyhound or an Italian Greyhound, that the Greyhound would win that race--due hitting its stride at about 40mph, and the Italian Greyhound hitting a top speed of 25mph.\n \n \nSome sites state that the IG--Italian Greyhound can do 45mph (72.4kph, or 20m/s), and that (MORE)

What is a greyhound comb?

It appears that a "greyhound comb" is a type of dog grooming comb which is about 7-7.5in straight comb, and has teeth set at two distances. I would call one set of teeth 'fine' (close-set), and the teeth on the other half of the comb, I would call 'super fine' (very close-set). So, if you comb us (MORE)

How tall is a greyhound?

They vary in size according to their breeding. I have two pure and two cross, and they are all different, ranging from hip length and under.

How do you sue amtrak?

Well the first step would be, only if you have a viable claim so you don't end up waisting money, contact a lawyer. After you have done this you will no longer need to use an unreliable website for your claims

What is a greyhound zephyr?

A zephyr is a wind. A greyhound is a fast-running dog. A greyhound zephyr is maybe a wind that moves as fast as a fast-running dog.

Are greyhounds smelly?

They smell no different than any other breed. With proper care there should not be any noticeable odor. I hope your not referring to Greyhound buses.

Is a greyhound gray?

yes,some grey hounds are grey but they can also be greyish blue black dark brown light brown white silverish (thats all the colors that i no of) hope ive helped ' )

How big do greyhounds get?

They vary in size according to their breeding. I have two pure and two cross, and they are all different, ranging from hip height and under. .

Are greyhounds intelligent?

Yes greyhounds are very smart. They actually know their way home if you've had them for long enough! I used to have a greyhound and she ran off in the park. Later on in the day we found her on her way home! This proves that greyhounds are extremely intelligent dogs.

Where can you get a greyhound?

It's almost impossible to get them from a pet shop, since selling dogs in pets shops is illegal in the UK. Get them from places like the RSPCA or the Retired Greyhound Trust.

What is greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing is where they take greyhounds and they race eachother, because greyhounds are the fastest dog breed in the world.They have very long legs and a thin body wich makes them go fast.At one point, all their legs are off the ground for about 5 secondsat a time when they leap while running (MORE)

Did Cleopatra have a greyhound?

No, Cleopatra could not possibly have a greyhound, because the greyhound as we know it, originated with the Celts. The hounds shown on many Egyptian tombs are believed to be Saluki, originating in ancient Persia. There is also another breed of dog popular in ancient Egypt called today a Pharaoh Houn (MORE)

Why do greyhounds race?

Because they are an exceptionally fast breed of dog and people enjoy watching and betting on their races. As an aside, the greyhounds have no say in this.

What colors can greyhounds be?

Greyhounds can actually be most colours! Some are brindle, (Brown and black), some are black, (the woman who I got my greyhound off told me that not a lot of people go for the black ones, as they seem to think they're ugly.) Some can be brown, greyh, and many other colours! Hope this helped! ( : P.S (MORE)

What happened to Amtrak?

That's a very vague question. Nothing in particular has "happened" to Amtrak; the company wascreated in 1971 in an attempt to revitalize the flagging passengerrail service in the US. It hasn't been spectacularly successful,but it also hasn't been so abysmal that the government has yetdecided to com (MORE)

What is the distance from Amtrak station in Jacksonville Fl to Greyhound bus terminal in Jacksonville Fl?

6.25 miles taking this route: . Turn right out of the Amtrak station onto Clifford Lane. . Take Clifford Lane to New Kings Hwy. Turn right. . New Kings Hwy is U.S. 1 SOUTH; continue on U.S. 1 SOUTH to I-95 (just past Moncrief Rd). Stay right and go onto I-95 SOUTH. . Take I-95 SOUTH briefly to (MORE)

What is good about greyhounds?

So first, I hope you talking about the dog, right? Not the bus company or else this answer is a waste of time :) lol, okay well for the DOG. We recently got a rescue greyhound (about a week ago), and let me tell you...they. are. perfect. Why? Well let's start with the fact that they barely shed and (MORE)

What do greyhounds do to get in the races?

Greyhounds need to pass tests like chasing after a lure. If the greyhound does not take interest it either gets put down or given away. Another reason for not passing tests is often because of speed. Some hounds are just not competive.

Do greyhounds bite?

All dogs can bite. Greyhounds off the track are prone to chasing and biting small furry animals.

Why are greyhounds called greyhounds?

The Old Norse cognate for the word "greyhound" is "grighund", whichis ultimately derived from the Old Norse "grig" meaning "bitch" and"hund" meaning "dog".