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The Story of the Enchanted Night
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What is the moral of the story of Aladdin in the tale Arabian Nights?

The moral of the original Middle-Eastern tale 'Arabian Nights' is that greatness and strength comes from within, not from without. This is demonstrated by Aladdin's bravery an

Is Enchanted a fictional story?

Yes No, it is a documentry. Made by Jack the Ripper If you're talking about the Disney movie then yes.

What is the title of a story?

A title is a short descriptive phrase -- sometimes just one word -- that is designed to catch a reader's eye and make them curious about the story or book so that they want to

Is Arabian nights a shipwrecked story?

The Arabian nights consist of many stories all of different themes.But there are some that do involve a shipwreck,such as the voyages of sinbad.
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Is the story Arabian nights originated from Iran or Persia?

Persia and Iran are the same country. Iran used to be called Persia, but has changed its name to Iran in modern times. Although, people still call Iran, Persia occasionally. A

How many Arabian nights stories are there?

a thousand and one. that's what it's called--One Thousand and One Nights ( Edit by Sylvalis : I beg to disagree. There are 1001 nights, but the stories spread over seve

Who wrote the story Arabian Nights?

The work was collected over many centuries from various authors who were Arabic, Persian, Indian and Egyptian. The first European version was translated into French from an Ar