What is the process of fligh for a heron bird?

Grey Herons eat whatever they can catch: fish, amphibians, arthropods (insects, spiders), crustacea (crabs), and even small mammals (rodents), reptiles (hatchling turtles), sm (MORE)

What is the haunted airman about?

Wheelchair-bound WW2 bomber pilot Toby Jugg (Robert Pattinson) has a series of waking nightmares while recuperating in a remote Welsh mansion under the eye of sinister doctor (MORE)

An airman has collapsed on the fligh-tline because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke what must you do immediately?

If they are unconscious check the ABC's, Airway Breathing and Circulation. If those are acceptable then move the airman to a cool, shaded place. Loosen/remove all excess cloth (MORE)
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Can pigs fligh?

yes pig can fly when chuck them over the farm house of they grow wigs when they die
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Can you defeat airman?

Yes, you can with Leaf Shield. The song "I cannot defeat Air Man" is what gives the idea that Air Man is undefeatable. In fact, hes weak against the Mega Buster as well
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What is a noun for fligh?

There is no word fligh in English. The closest noun is flight, the noun form of the verb 'to fly'.