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An artifact is a man made object, or an unneeded or unintended byproduct of some activity or process.
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What is a artifact?

an object or tool used by past cultures

What is an artifact?

An artifact is a object or tool, or the remains of one, used by past cultures. Artifacts have been found from civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, and Anasaz

Why are artifacts important?

Artifacts like cooking utensils, tools, weapons, jewelry, etc give us clues about the lives of the people who used them. This is especially important when trying to understand

What is an example of artifact?

pottery tools clothing

What is a jamaican artifact?

A Jamaican artifact is any object made or modified by a human culture found in Jamaica.

What are observable artifacts?

  Artifacts are the physical manifestations of an organization. They include factors such are dressing codes, awards, myths, rituals, decorations and stories

How do fossils and artifacts help archaeologists?

Fossils and artifacts help aechaologistes by showing and proving to humans that such events or happenings actually existed.

What is an example of an artifact?

A Hand Made Fossil (Artifact) A hand made VASE A Mummy

Are human bones considered artifacts?

Answer One   Yes. Archaeologically an artefact is considered a portable, humanly modified object. throughout our lives our lifestyle, environment and diet have an affec

Is an organization an artifact?

  Artifact has some interesting meanings, but the meanings seem to have in common some connection to the physical world of objects, or at least of observable things. Simpl