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An artifact is a man made object, or an unneeded or unintended byproduct of some activity or process.
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What are relics and artifacts?

  For Catholics, relics are those items remaining of holy personages or places. Regarding saints, there are three classes of relics. A first class relic is a piece of th

What is an artifact?

An artifact is a object or tool, or the remains of one, used by past cultures. Artifacts have been found from civilizations such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, and Anasa

What are religious artifacts?

One artifact is the original writings or the bible writers. Like the one written one the black sea scrolls.

What artifacts are in Twilight?

There are no artifacts in either the Twilight book series or the Twilight film saga. Are you sure you mean artifacts?

How was an artifact created?

Artifacts are created by ancient people they leave things behind before ending their civilizations and all these things are preserved and archaeoligists find them by exploring

What rhymes with artifacts?

autofacts, autofacts, cataracts, contacts, contract's, contracts,  overacts, subcontracts, abducts, abstracts,act's, acts, addicts,  adjuncts, affects, afflicts, aftereffect

What where Cleopatra's artifacts?

Cleopatra left very few artifacts. She did little building. She did build a temple to Julius Caesar and finished up the work on the temple of Dendera that her father had begun

Why were artifacts made?

artifacts are merely items from old civilizations. They can take many forms such as arrow heads, or clay pots. No one actually set out to "make artifacts" though. They are sim
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What can be artifacts?

Artifacts can be any tool from the past made by a human being such as jewelery or tools.