An atom that has two protons is?

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How many protons are there in two atoms of oxygen?

Let's see, 1 hydrogen, 2 helium, 3 lithium, 4 beryllium, 5 boron, 6 carbon, 7 nitrogen, 8 oxygen. Eight protons in one atom of oxygen. Oxygen is diatomic, so there wou

What are the two atoms that have the same number of protons?

None of the elements of the periodic table have the same number of protons.. All elements have their own unique atomic (proton) number which defines how many protons that ele

Can an atom have two protons and no neutrons?

We don't find an atom with only two protons in its nucleus. Only the atom of hydrogen-1 has no neutrons. But there is something about a proton pair we might want to consider.