An effective visual aid contains?

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Graphics which compliment the text
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What is a visual aid?

Visual Aids are accessories used to enhance or improve vision.They range from Spectacles, Shades, Lenses to Night vision etc. . a visual aid helps a speech give deliver a mes

Advantages of visual aids?

We have received the modern education with visual aids since several years ago.As the proverb goes "The eyes of a thousand individuals have the 1000 Hamlet." Different people

What is the Effectiveness of audio visual aids?

learning and teaching aids are very effective way of teaching.teaching aids can act as effective motivating agents as motivation is a central factor of any scheme of teaching

Is the use of audio visual aids essential for effective teaching?

I would say yes. People learn in different ways, and some people are primarily visual, or primarily auditory, leaving those things out of your lesson would be prove to be a di

Audio-visual aids in teaching?

Audio-visual aids in teaching are applied for purposes of achievingoptimal understanding. This is the use of sound and graphics inteaching.

What are types of audio-visual aids?

Audio-visual is, of course, a combination oftwo words: audio referring to that which we can hear, and visualreferring to that which we can see. The basic frame of referenceher