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An electric ceiling fan is rotating about a fixed axis with an initial angular velocity of 0.300 The angular acceleration is 0.898 Its blades form a circle of diameter 0.760?

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What is angular velocity and radial velocity?

Angular velocity is the rate of change of angle of a body, i.e. omega = v / r = (2*pi*r)/ r*t = (2*pi)/ Twhere T is the time period of whatever is rotating and r is the radi (MORE)
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How do you define angular velocity and angular speed?

Angular velocity is given as radians per second; angular speed is also the same thing. Velocity is a vector with magnitude and direction and speed a scalar with magnitude only (MORE)
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At what angular velocity would the earth have to rotate about its axis for a body at the equator to feel no weight?

You can calculate it yourself, with the formula for acceleration in uniform circular motion. The centripetal acceleration, with circular motion, is v2 / r (velocity squared di (MORE)

What is angular velocity?

    Angular velocity is a measurement of how fast something is turning. Everyone has heard of "RPM", which stands for "Revolutions Per Minute" ... how many complete t (MORE)

The angular velocity vector of earths rotation points from?

Without looking it up, I'll go out on a limb here and state my guess. (Then somebody else can come along and show that my guess was all wet.) I think angular velocity and acc (MORE)
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