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An electric ceiling fan is rotating about a fixed axis with an initial angular velocity of 0.300 The angular acceleration is 0.898 Its blades form a circle of diameter 0.760?

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What is angular velocity and radial velocity?

Angular velocity is the rate of change of angle of a body, i.e. omega = v / r = (2*pi*r)/ r*t = (2*pi)/ T where T is the time period of whatever is rotating and r is the ra (MORE)
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How do you define angular velocity and angular speed?

Angular velocity is given as radians per second; angular speed is also the same thing. Velocity is a vector with magnitude and direction and speed a scalar with magnitude only (MORE)

At what angular velocity would the earth have to rotate about its axis for a body at the equator to feel no weight?

You can calculate it yourself, with the formula for acceleration in uniform circular motion. The centripetal acceleration, with circular motion, is v2 / r (velocity squared di (MORE)
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What is the dimension of angular velocity?

The dimension of angular velocity is reciprocal time . . . 1/time or T-1 . It'll be stated as "some angle" per "unit of time", like "45 revolutions per minute", and angles (MORE)

What is angular velocity?

    Angular velocity is a measurement of how fast something is turning. Everyone has heard of "RPM", which stands for "Revolutions Per Minute" ... how many complete (MORE)

The angular velocity vector of earths rotation points from?

Without looking it up, I'll go out on a limb here and state my guess. (Then somebody else can come along and show that my guess was all wet.) I think angular velocity and ac (MORE)