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ang red tide ay isang phenomenon kung saan maraming algae ang dumadagsa paibabaw sa sea surface. ang algae na ito ay tinatawag na pyrodinium bahamense. kilala ang mga algae na ito sa kanilang kulay (pula). nangyayari ito dahil kinakain ng mga algae na ito ang mag particles na suspended sa tubig. nakasasama ito satin dahil nagdedwell ang mga algae na ito sa mga pagkaing dagat tulad ng tahong.
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What is a red tide?

Answer :Red Tide is just a red tide that is caused by the moon that is why red tides usually occur at a certian part of the year.

Are red tides helpful?

they might not know whats wrong with the water and its closed so they wont get in the water , and that can be helpful because they would get in the contaminated water if it wa

What are red tides?

It are a natural phenomenon caused by high concentration of microscopic algae that are poisonous.

What is red tides?

  A bloom of dinoflagellates that causes reddish discoloration of coastal ocean waters

What makes red tides red?

red tide is red because dinoflagellates are certain type of algae that the pigments is their skin makes them red

How do red tides occur?

i may not be right, but i think it's when the seaweed washes up with the waves. the only other explination i can think of is if someones been murdered on the beach