What is approximate value of 1894 Remington 10 ga with damascus barrels in excellent condition?

Answer . \nValue of any gun depends on it's condition, it's relative rarity, and how much someone is willing to pay for it. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a good place to g (MORE)
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The weight in newtons of one 10-kg mass is approximately?

10kg equals 100N On Earth, weight is mass multiplied by 10. So If I was 45kg, I would be 450N. Weight changes according to gravity, so on other planets you would weigh differ (MORE)

Which planet is approximately 10 AU from the sun?

Saturn, at its aphelion, is 10.115 958 04 astronomical Units (AU) from the Sun, which means that, when Saturn's orbit takes it to its furthest distance from the sun, it is abo (MORE)

What is an approximate answer?

An approximate answer is one that is not exact but that is roughly close to exact. It is NOT a guess. A guess could be correct or entirely wrong. An approximate answer is an e (MORE)

What is the approximation?

Approximation: around, almost, approximation means estimation. You think the number is around the right answer example: 2258+3695= approximatly 6050 estimation= ST Mate
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What is approximation?

An approximation is an estimate or a rough idea. "She approximated the average distance between the two cities."