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Approximately how many people in the world have autism?

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Statistics on Autism 1 in every 150 people in the world is Autistic.

This number is a very rough estimate as Autism is :

Autism is a disease with a wide spectrum of symptoms and disorders, ranging from a fully functional adult with slight autistic tendencies or minor learning disorders to individuals who have the most severe form of Asperger syndrome...so the definition of autism itself is debatable.

According to the NAS (National Autistic Society), "There is no central register of everyone who has autism, which means that any information about the possible number of people with autism in the community must be based on epidemiological surveys (ie studies of distinct and identifiable populations)." -Source /www.autism.org

Many cases of Autism are brushed off as learning disabilities or ADD or personality disorders so the number is severely under-diagnosed, especially in countries with poor medical /educational facilities.

Additional Input:
  • 1.5 % of all people have autism . though it is seven times less likely for a woman to have autism than a man . but 1.5 % is the average for all genders . if the worlds population was 7 billion as I was told then there is about 105 million people with autism in the world .
  • About 1 in 150 people, which is about 46,000,000 people.
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