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Approximately how much money does the average American citizen pay in taxes each year?

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According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan organisation, the average American pays an average tax rate of 12.60% percent on their income as of 2008.
According to the figures released from the 2007 US Census the median earnings of men who worked full time, year-round were $45,113 and women were $35,102. Arithmetic provides: Tax for Men: $5684.24 Tax for Women: $4422.85

According to figures based on the average reported income of Americans, as tabulated by data collected from income tax returns in 2008, the median income of all people, both men and women, is $31,987.

Tax on Average: $4030.36

Please consider that this was in no way calculated by an economist or an actuary with accredited math skills, also that this only represents income tax and not other forms of tax and that the figures available from the sources mentioned are not always compatible.

However I believe that this answer may be marginally more educational than the former one which stated the unfounded and likely erroneous figure of $10 million.
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