Arabic words i love you so much?

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You say: Bahibbik kteer / Bahibbak kteer (for female / for male) The Arabic language has 21 words describing the word "Love"
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How do you tell that special someone you love them so much and why you love them so much?

Answer I was trying to tell my boyfriend I loved him, but was afraid Iwould scare him. Also, I would rather hear it from him first. Wewere just kissing one day and I said to myself... "I don't care,I'm going to tell him right now". It was the most difficult thingin the world, I know how you feel. I (MORE)

Why do i love him so much?

Because it is natural to be attracted to people and you can't really control your hormones and emotions over boys. If you want him to be your boyfriend don't be to obvious and just act yourself. make subtle hints and become close friends then see how things go.

Why do i love my friend so much?

why do i love my best friend so much . possibly because you have been around him/her for a reasonably long time...if so then the attraction has basically gone into overdrive because you have realised what it is that you want from him/her and the attraction holds firmly unless you have the willpow (MORE)

You love her so much how do you tell her?

Tell her how she makes you happy and that she means so much to her.Tell her that she is the most precious thing you know of. That you cry just knowing she is sad. Tell her that she means the world to you and that losing her would be like a world without sun or oxygen, nothing. tell her that you love (MORE)

I love you so much in spanish?

Le / les / lo / los / la / las (pronombres de acusativo todos referidos a usted y ustedes) / te / os amo / quiero tantísimo / en demasía / muchísimo / demasiado .

Why do you Love boobies so much?

It is inherent in men to be attracted to women's breast. The reason could be evolutionary in that female with larger breasts is considered more fit to breast feed babies.

How to say i love you so much?

dont say so much. makes u sound corny. just say i love u. if they say i love you too. then HAPPY RELATIONSHIP! and if they say no or make a weird face say haha just kiddding u fell for it! hope it works and good luck!

Who loves Carmen so much?

Taylor Jones. im not sure she if really likes me. and im always scared of what to say because i don't know if she is going to break up with me again! im always on the edge trying to say the right thing. i just love her so much. and it will crush me she does split against me.

I love you so much?

it means that you love a person more than just love,he or she is your everything.. i love you to mommy.

Why my boyfriend love so much?

because he's REALLY into you! you must be pretty awesome. and most guys are complete jerks to girls. you've got a good guy for you,congrats! I agree I'm a guy with a girlfriend I'm consider a nice guy but not a pushover so a lot of girl's like me but i found one girl that fits my type perfectly l (MORE)

I love you so much in japanese?

You may say '[anata wo] hontou ni aishiteiru,' written: [あなたを]本当に愛している __ The Japanese don't really express love quite the way Westerners do, because of cultural differences. So there are many different ways to do so. "suki desu" is (MORE)

You love someone so much?

i love somone so much but he doesnt love me =( I love someone so much but she hates me. Now I like another girl, let's see what happens. I will ask her out pretty soon, but my dearest, not best, friend likes her too. So there is a problem :(

Why do you love twilight so much?

i think that everybody including myself loves twilight because its every girls dream to have someone like edward or even Jacob in their lives (although i don't care for Jacob). But people like to read about people who get great things like edward in their lives rather than characters with a million (MORE)

I miss you so much in Arab?

"I miss you so much" is translated as "أنا أفتقدك", from English to Arabic, and is pronounced as "ana aftakidka".

How can you show her that you love her so much?

if you guys arnt girlfriend and boyfriend yet, start off by maybe sending her a love letter. don't sighn it though. Then a while later you can tell her you sent the letter and kiss her. make sure your alone before you do this. if she doesn't approve keep your distance and maybe she will change her m (MORE)

I love you so much in Korean?

I you so much love 난 너를 정말 사랑해 Nan nu lul jung mal sa lang he In Korean grammar the words changes places but it still means I love you so much P.S. I am Korean

Why does love hurt so much?

it dependz on who ur with. If u like the gur/girl and he/she likes u back u should totally go out, and it only hurtz when he/she hurtz u .....this is a complete lie you love this person to much, when your not with them the pain from not being with them is to great to handle. u love this person so mu (MORE)

Why do you love breasts so much?

Breasts exhibit sex related differences (dimorphism, to be technical) and therefore are a useful indication of gender, used in identifying potential mates; also, in evolutionary terms, there is an advantage to mating with a woman who will be well prepared to feed the resulting babies.

Why do you love singing so much?

because everyone eveyone has an interest like the Jonas brothers they show an interest in music ( i love the Jonas brothers so much

Why do you love WikiAnswers so MUCH?

It is a great online database where users can ask and answer questions. Sharing your knowledge and gaining knowledge from others is the key ingredient in the cake of WikiAnswers!

Why do teenagers love saying bad words so much?

It makes us feel like we are older and cool I guess we just want to seem like we are adults and can use curse words and some (like me) believe that cussing is a way to show how strongly you believe in something

How do you say thank you so much my love in Arabic?

Shukran jazeelan yaa habeebi شكرا جزيلا يا حبيبي (adressing a man) Shukran jazeelan yaa habeebati شكرا جزيلا يا حبيبتي (adressing a woman) Shukran jazeelan yaa hubbee شكرا جزيل (MORE)

Why does love have to hurt so much?

I don't know Hun. But ive been told its because sometimes people are heartless. that and you have to go through 1000 heartbreaks befor you find the special one. i just wish they would show up at your door! Well, You do go through heartbreaks before you meet the one but then the one does turn u (MORE)

How do you say i love him so much?

Take him around to your favorite places and tell him how much you love all those places. Then find some scenic spot and tell him how much you love it. After you show him all of the things that you love and have meaning to you, look him in the eyes and tell him that you love him more.

Why does Chinu love you so much?

because i am the most awesomest person in the world! and she thinks that you are a total joke because you look like a nerd and you are fat...she told me to tell you to lose weight and get a life!!!

How you can sure love you so much?

well you have to be have a good strong relationship with someone to know that you love them enough that you would want to spend the rest of your life with that person sometimes your not sure if you really love someone though. You wont want to rush into anything too soon though.Take it slow and stead (MORE)

Why do you love this website so much?

For me, I guess it is both about community and about helping people. I feel like this site has so much potential in both of those areas. First, to help people who really want their questions answered... funny questions or serious questions, spiritual or tactile. Being here, you can help people find (MORE)

Why do you love physics so much?

I am in love with physics because it is the poetry of mankind that explains the universe it is the matter that tell us why and when and nicely clarifies our life.Also it uses mathematics to make it more active,practical, and realistic..I LOVE PHYSICS

Why do you love your mom so much?

Because she is your mother, you were attached to her and raised by her. She was gentle when you were a baby. Everyone loves their close family unless the family treats you like your nothing. Its also a genetic thing, I mean who wouldn't support and love their mom?

Why do you love so much?

I love because it is a good way to express your innermost thoughts and concerns. It's a good way to share your wisdom with others and also receive wisdom from others. On, everyone is intelligent on their own level and those levels can mix and we all learn something new everyd (MORE)

Why is Shakespeare loved so much?

In order to make a good grade, tell your teacher why s/he loves Shakespeare so much, but say that is why everyone loves Shakespeare. It wouldn't do to talk about all the people who love Shakespeare for the swordfights, the bloody murders and the dirty jokes.

Why do you love jedward so much?

because there so cool as they always say i love them to i met them i think there cute when they got kiked out the xfactor i cryed there awsome

Why are celebrities loved so much?

celebrities are loved for being famous. like if they are a good singer or actress they are known for it. some celebs though are famous and loved for having a reality show or are famous because of their relatives

Why does God Love me so much?

God loves you so much because he created you, the bible says everyone is created in his image. God is our Heavenly father. God sent his son Jesus to die on a cross to forgive everyone's sins. Read John 3:16 in the bible, it should help you get a better understanding.