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arctic1 igloo8 snowing cooler whitewash ruler lemon script school alpine52 nano9 snowshoe99 wheel noodle atom /all that is about 400 arctic points
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Arctic antics codes?

arctic1 igloo8 ruler cooler snowing majorapple bigapple snowshoe99. yellow99(gets a banana). Combination codes are Wide Green Leaf New Yellow Kite Old Orange Octopus

What is the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Actually, if you try icebox1, it works. it rewards you 20 points.   da best 1 is alpine52. it gives u 52 points.Actuually what chuu said is right^^^^Not what i said , but t

What is the first coupon code on Arctic Antics?

here are all the coupon codes that work. nano9, ruler, yellow99 (gives banana), whitewash, igloo8, arctic1, snowing, snowshoe99, cooler, noodle, wheel, school, atom, lemon, sc

What are the Arctic Antics coupon codes?

Coupon Codes arctic1igloo8rulercoolersnowingsnowshoe99yellow99 (gets a banana)whitewashjumbocode 100 points!bluebirdatomschoolwheelnoodlelemonnano9scriptalpine52tweet55puppet

Arctic antic coupon codes?

Arctic1 Igloo8 Snowing Cooler Ruler Whitewash Snowshoe99 Atom School Wheel Noodle Lemon Nano9 Script alpine52 yellow99 (for a banana) the best

Arctic antic special coupons?

arctic1igloo8rulercoolersnowingsnowshoe99yellow99 (gets a banana)whitewashjumbocode 100 points!bluebirdatomschoolwheelnoodlelemonnano9scriptalpine52tweet55puppetI got this off

Arctic antics crack the code for July?

  Answers   Crack the Codes Page #1   Code 15 : brownshoe Code 16 : greenhouse Code 17 : bluetooth Code 24 : boom   Crack the Codes Page #2   Code 18 : p

What is Arctic Antics?

It is a place where you can win a free 12 month Club Penguin membership by playing games and wining points which if you end up with the most points for that contest. You win t

How do you get Arctic points in Arctic Antics?

Well you know the very right space ya you click on those like I'll give you a example so it will say stuff like this ask a question,the daily, question higher or lower,tile pu