Are 9x21mm and 9x19mm cartridges interchangeable?

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No they are not.No they are not. The 9x21mm originated in Italy due to laws prohibiting civilians from owning firearms chambered in military calibers (9x19mm aka 9mm Luger). Shooters developed a case that was 2mm longer, 9x21mm to get around this law. Overall length of the cartridge is the same as the 9mm, to assist in making conversions easier. It would seem all that would be needed is proper barrel swap or to ream the chamber on existing barrel the extra depth.
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What is a toner cartridge?

A LaserJet toner cartridge is a cartridge made up of 2 halves. The halves are either designed as a single unit or designed as two individual units that will work as a single unit once installed. Canon and HP have mostly toner cartridges that are two halves that make up one unit or toner cartridge. T (MORE)

What is interchange income?

Network Interchange Fees - PIN-based ATM/POS fees paid by card. issuers to ATM owners and merchant acquirers to card issuers.. Signature-Based Debit Interchange Income - Merchant fees paid to card issuers. based on a percentage of the sale price. Network Interchange Fees - PIN-based ATM/POS f (MORE)

Are 'in to' and 'into' interchangeable?

No, they are not interchangeable--they are different parts ofspeech. "Into" is a preposition used to indicate movement or changein condition or location. (I am going into the house). "In to" isan adverb followed by a preposition. (I plugged my phone in to thesocket behind the couch).

What is a cartridge box?

A Cartridge box is a black leather box that held about 40 paper cartridges. Often slung from a strap that went over the left shoulder, crossed the chest and held the box on the right hip. Usually (In the Union Army) there would be a brass chest plate depicting an eagle on the strap, and a brass USA (MORE)

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What are interchangeable parts?

Interchangeable parts are parts (components) that are, for practical purposes, identical. They aremade to specifications that ensure that they are so nearlyidentical that they will fit into any assembly of the same type.One such part can freely replace another, without any customfitting (such as f (MORE)

What is a cartridge?

A cartridge is a relatively easily replaceable container or subsystem, designed to hold a depletable, essential material, or component for a larger system. Some examples would be: a round for a rifle or gun, a container that holds toner in a copy machine, a container that holds inked ribbon i (MORE)

What is a CO2 cartridge?

A CO 2 cartridge is a small disposable gas bottle with carbon dioxide in it. It is generally used in soda in specially made bottles.

What does interchangeably mean?

Being able to switch two different things with eachother.Interchangeably means that 2 words can be a substitute for eachother and mean the same thing.

What is an ink cartridge?

An ink cartridge, commonly found in printers, is a small cartridge that holds ink and has a jet. It is used for printing gray scale or colored paper. It usually has a button on it that connects to the printer head and the cartridge cannot be pulled out. However, it can be taken out by pressing the b (MORE)

What is a highway interchange?

A highway interchange is where two major roads intersect or cometogether. Sometimes, both highways run together for a distanceafter an interchange.

What is GBA cartridge?

Game Boy Advance game cartridge. They can be played on the DS by placing them in the GBA cartridge slot in the bottom of the DS.

What is a printer cartridge?

An ink cartridge or inkjet cartridge is a replaceable component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink that is deposited onto paper during printing.

What do interchangeable parts do?

They are made so that if the machine was supposed to break down, it wouldn't wholly have to be fixed, the part that broke would only have to be fixed.

What are interchangable parts?

parts of a machine that you can change and will still work fine. example: the engine of a car can be changed with another engine and the car will still work fine. other examples: wheels, keyboards, computer screens, etc.

What does cartridge means?

A firearms cartridge is more or less a brass bottle full of gunpowder. The cork is the bullet or projectile and at the other end is the cap or primer that supplies ignition to the powder.

What are cricut cartridges?

A cricut cartridge is basically the most important piece of the cricut when cutting a form out. Without a cartridge you can not cut anything! Cricut cartridges contain all of the information needed to cut something out on the cricut machine. A cricut cartridge can be used on any cricut machine. They (MORE)

What are greased cartridges?

In the war of 1857, The British had issued new gunpowder cartridgesthat were widely believed to be greased with cow or pig fat, whichinsulted both Hindus and Muslims.

Are processors interchangeable?

Each motherboard is Chip specific. If your motherboard is for an AMD then you will only be able to use AMD processors in it. If you want change your Processor then you would have to get the right motherboard for that processor. Answer Processors (regardless of who makes them) have a set of ele (MORE)

Which breakers are interchangeable?

None! Distribution panel designed to use specific type of circuit breakers. It's a NEC violation to install different type of breaker even it fits perfectly.

Are capacitors interchangeable?

Yes and no. In order for it to work electrically then yourreplacement part has to have the same or higher voltage rating, Thesame value rating is also important (micro farads). And it has tobe the same type either AC or DC. A lot of DC capacitors arepolarity sensitive and will only successfully work (MORE)

What are the cheapest cartridges?

The most widely trusted and used company that manufactors and sells VERY cheap toner, drums, and ink is LD Products. Their stock can be browsed on their website, The products that this company sells are 99% compatible with all printers they are designed for, and will not void the (MORE)

What were the interchangeable parts?

They were these little parts of an invention where if that part of the invention broke, you wouldn't need to replace the whole thing. Just that little part

What does interchange mean?

Its a term used in mathematics. The definition is said to mean Simplified. I am a math teacher at a high class institute down inEngland. I hope this has helped you.

When are cartridges used?

Cartridges are used when we want to print a letterform or photos on a paper. Printer catridges are pigmented liquidnesses that are used commonly to allow for people to turn digital documents, photographs and other files into hard copies, or printed versions.

How does a cartridge work?

How does cartridge work? well lets say a cartridge game console for example, you have a circuit board with all the electronics then, the bit with the game on it is the missing bit, it is the separated bit of the circuit so u can have different information (eg game) so a cartridge is a piece of the c (MORE)

What is a cartridge sheet?

Cartridge paper is a high quality type of heavy paper used for illustration and drawing. It was originally used for making weaponry cartridges

What is cartridge refilling?

It is when you refill your ink containers inside your printer, you usually need to go to a ink reseller to get it refilled, or you can just buy some new ones

What is CO2 cartridge?

A cartridge with Carbon dioxide in it. I think it is used in airsoft, used to propel ammunition.

What is a cartridge in a gun?

A cartridge is a complete round of ammunition. It consists of the cartridge case, which holds powder, primer and projectile (the bullet).

What is a cartridge Epson for?

An Epson cartridge is an ink cartridge used in an Epson printer. Price varies from $8 to $80 depending on the combination of color inks. You can purchase the item when you go to stores like Business Depot, Staples, etc.

What is a rimfire cartridge?

Rimfire cartridges do not have a primer at the center of the baseof the cartridge- the firing pin strikes the RIM of the cartridge.The most common rimfires are 22 short, 22 Long Rifle, 22 Magnum and.17 HMR.

What is cartridge?

A cartridge is a container that holds a spool of the photographingfilm or some quantity of ink.

Is cartridge a noun?

Yes, the noun 'cartridge' is a noun , a word for a case orcontainer that holds a substance or device; a word for a thing.

What is the cartridge on a gun?

It is an assembly consisting of the cartridge case, gunpowder, a primer and a projectile (bullet). It is one complete round of ammunition. Early muzzle loading firearms did not use them.