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Asia contains a large variety of religion. West Asians are predominantly Muslims. South Asians are predominantly Hindu (excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh). East Asians (excluding mainland China) tend to be Buddhists, Taoists or Shinto.
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Who is a Muslim?

Answer . You are a Muslim if you, primarily, witness that no god except one and only one God (in Arabic named Allah) and that Muhammad is his messenger and prophet. then: .

What do Muslims have to do?

Muslims have to prayer 5 times a day, fast in the month of Ramadan, they have to go to Meccah to hajj ATLEAST once in their lifetime, pay zakat, follow all of God's commandmen

How you can be a Muslim?

To become a Muslim a person only needs to be convinced that Muhammad is the Final Messenger of God. When a person has believed in his message, and makes an effort to follow Is

How do you have Muslim?

To be a Muslim you say "ASH-HADU ANLA ELAHA ILLA-ALLAH WA ASH-HADU ANNA MOHAMMADAN RASUL-ALLAH". English meaning-"I bear witness that there is no deity worthy to be worshipe

Who is Muslim?

The word "Muslim" means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background. Being a Muslim entails full submission and active obedi

Are you a Muslim?

Yes you are a Muslim if you: . submits, with your own will, fully to God the Creator the one and only one God, . witness that no God except one God (Allah) the one and o

What can Muslims do?

They can eat. They can walk. They can wear clothes.

Why were the subcontinent and the south east-Asian Muslim states important to the colonial powers?

There were several reasons that Europeans were interested in  controlling what are traditionally considered Islamic Lands. Most  of those reasons exist irrespective of Islam

What is a Muslim?

Answer 1 A Muslim is a practitioner of the religion Islam. The word Muslim means someone who submits in Arabic, ie. the person submits to Allah, their God. A Muslim is a perso

Who is an Asian?

Anyone who is born in the continent of Asia can be considered Asian. People of Asian descent can also be considered Asian although some people from the Middle East would not i
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Is he a muslim?

You can know if a person is muslim by his name, or you can simply ask him, but generally the muslims that immigrate to other countries are open minded and very social
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Where are Muslims from?

Muslims live all over the world & in all countries less then  15% of Muslims are Arab majority are from south asia but the  prophet of Islam, Muhammad pbuh is from Saudi Ara

Who are Muslims?

Muslims; in the universal sense of Islam; are those who submit to  Allah (or God in English and same God worshiped in Christianity and  Judaism) as the one and only one God
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Why do Asian people hate Muslims?

Answer 1 It is not true that Asians hate Muslims. There may be some who hate Muslims but it doesn't apply to all Asians. Answer 2 Asians make up over half of the entire w