Are Chow Chow puppies born with long hair?

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No. They are born with about 1/2 inch fur.
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How do you know what to ask chow chow breeders when buying chow chow puppies?

Ask them about the pedigree of the parents and if you can you see the parents. Ask to see the chow chow puppies with their mother to see how well socialized they are. Some cho

Are chow chow puppies born with solid blue-black tongues?

Chow puppies are not born with a blue tongue. It is pink at birth, as is the nose and pads of feet on most colors of the breed (red, blue, cream, cinnamon (looks silverish at

HOW LONG do chow chow?

"HOW LONG do chow chow?" If you are trying to say how long do they get. Then approximately 3 feet from nose to tail.
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How do you train a chow chow puppy?

You have to show the the pup that you're boss. Reward them with treats when they behave. Eventually, your pup will learn the process, behave good and get a treat.
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What color are chow chow puppies?

Chow chow puppies vary in color depending on the color of the parents. Red chow chows are born with brown coats, and "cinnamon" chow chows are often born with gray coats. Bl