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Are Festina's good quality watches?

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I think, yes! I also want to buy a Festina's watch, and I heared just good things about their watches!
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Is a Bulova accutron a good quality watch?

Yes, Bulova Accutron watches are fantastic watches! They are very modern as well as attractive and the quality is top notch for the price. To be frank though, I have been rath

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I own a large watch collection witch includes Amorologi watches. They are gold "double plated" with a 5 micron 18K rose gold finish. All I have seen are self winding and h

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Are Tag Heuer Watches good quality watches?

The Tag Heuer Company watches have been associate with many major  sporting events. Many stores feel strongly about the quality of  these watches that they will offer a gaur
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Where can you purchase good quality watches?

There are several places where one can purchase good quality watches. A local watch store, such as Watch It, carries several good quality brands of watches. Good quality watch
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What is the typical price range of a good quality Swarovski watch?

Most, if not all, watches sold by Swarovski's online site are of good quality. Depending on the added features and the amount of Swarovski crystals used, the price of a watch