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Yes, if you want a strong dog.
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Akita vs German shepherd?

read all of it!!!!!!! The Akita easily They are heavier and stronger with larger heads and jaws. A larger head=more biting power. The German Shepherd is a fantastic dog, b

Are German shepherds good dogs?

Germen Shepards are good dogs if you train them properly. GermanShepherds are one of the best family/guard dogs around. They areexceedingly intelligent and brave and really se

Is Akita Mixed with German shepherd a Mix?

  We live with an Akita/Shepherd " Hybrid ". I have researched the " mix " extensively.   Opinions vary greatly. One hardcore dog fanatic likened breeders who intentio

Is a German Shepherd a good dog?

German Shepherds are one of the best family/guard dogs around. They are exceedingly intelligent and brave and really seem to understand you and how you are feeling. They aren

Which dog is the biggest Akita or German Shepherd?

American Akita's are a bit taller and generally heavier than GSD's. Japanese Akita's are smaller. According to breed standards Akita's of either gender can hit 100lbs, whereas

Are Akitas good with German Shepherds?

No dog hates another dog. If they are both socialized and good with other dogs there is no problem. Akita's however, have been known to live in harmony for years with another

Why are german shepherds good police dogs?

German Shepherd Dogs are very loyal, brave, intelligent and hard working breed. These characteristics make it a good police dog. German Shepherd Dogs are very loyal, brave, in

Are German Shepherds good apartment dogs?

I don't think so they are to big to keep in an apartment. No, I do not agree. Size has nothing to do with it, but breed. I wouldn't necessarily say a GS is the perfect dog for

Are Akita mixed with German Shepherd aggressive dogs?

Dogs that are mixed may occasionally have instincts that contradict each other, which can create a very confused dog. However, if the owner is responsible and is able to con

Why are German Shepherds good guard dogs?

they have a good sense of smell and can build a strong relationship with their owner so they will listen well German Shepherds have great instincts. They will sit on yourprope

Are German Shepherd mixes good dogs?

generally no!! the mix breed with G shep often look beautiful but sometimes are of uncertain temper. also being larger dogs can be difficult to control if the behaviour starts

What are similarities of an Akita and a German Shepherd?

Other than both being used for guarding or home protection, not much. They do both have a tendency to be vilified as vicious or overly aggressive. This is of course completely