Are God and Jesus real or a great fairy tale?

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God and Jesus are real to believers. To others they may not be real, but it is inappropriate to cal them a fairy tale. Whether or not to believe is a judgement we all must make.
    • God is real
    • God and Jesus are not fairy tales. He wants to love you and comfort you and give you His awesome peace, but it takes your consent by coming to God through Jesus. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth , and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me." So we have to do it God's way but nothing else is real. Some may say everything else but Jesus is a fairy tale. God is real and Jesus is real, but people do not experience the realness until you come to God in a humble way and ask for forgiveness. Then they will have the peace that passes understanding the Bible talks about. The sad part is that everyone needs God but not everyone wants Him. Those who do allow Him to show His realness in their lives.
    • No, there is nothing labeled "God" because we cannot think of sensing anything that we would label "God". Therefore if we talked as though the word "God" referred to anything, then we would not be able to think of anything we could be talking about, so we really wouldn't be talking about anything at all. I'm sorry there's no way to live again after you die, as Christianity claims, but there is no reason to believe you can. We have to make the most of this one life that we can, for it's the only one we will ever get.
    • They are very real just look around
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