Are Greek gods and Rome gods the same?

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Yes, Greek gods are reinterpreted in Roman religion.
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Are the Roman Gods and Greek gods the same?

Kind of. For every Greek god there is a Roman god but not the other way around there is no Greek god for Janus. Examples: Zues-Jupita, Ares-Mars Hera-Juno, Hestia-Vesta, Heaph

Do Rome and Greece have the same gods?

kinda sorta. the names of the gods were different, but they basically covered the same things. the different cultures adopted different gods from different cultures. maybe you

Why did the Romans have the same amount of gods as the Greeks?

Because the Romans took the Greek gods but actually, the Romans had quite a few more gods than the Greeks. At first, the Romans found similarities between the major gods and t

Is Cronos a Greek or Rome god?

Cronus or Kronos not Cronos was the Greek Titan not God of Harvest, and Time, he was also the King of the Titans.The correct term for Cronus's Roman Counterpart is Saturn.

What Egyptian gods have the same powers than Greek gods?

They are a different belief system, so differing powers, the Antoninus Liberalis said that when the Greek gods fled for Egypt, Apollon became a hawk [Horus], Hermes an ibis [T
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What were greek gods know as in rome?

The Romans adopted Greek culture, so Rome pretty much had the same gods and goddesses but with slightly different qualities and different names. A few examples: Zeus - Julp