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Yes, the Italian people are smart. They have many achievements in their homeland and abroad to attest to their intelligence. As an example, UNESCO has given a protected status to a number of sites that are important to the history and development of world cultures and of a world culture. The most number of archaeological and cultural sites thus far may be found in Italy.

Also for example, Italians and their emigrant descendants find themselves listed on the achievement rosters of many disciplines that range from the sciences through the humanities and into breakthrough technologies. In the way of another example, people like to live in or visit Italy or Italian communities worldwide. One of the reasons is the strong commitment to excellence that always has been the hallmark of Italian endeavors in art, business, cooking, fashion, literature, medicine, music, research, and science. Specifically, the Italian people and their descendants worldwide know how to produce and market an excellent package no matter what the product, the discipline, or the activity may be.
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