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"Refund Anticipation Loans" an RAL - available at all the usual suspects! The national (or even local) tax refund services and the places that do things like "payday' loans. Many places are using different marketing names since the term RAL has gotten to be so derogatory itself.

They have been made more regulated as all consumer groups try to eliminate them, but unfortunately, they do still exist. (There are some very sleezy, predatory type lenders out there that want to take advantage of everyone they can.)

Listen.. these are universally considered the single most terrible and abusive type of loan or finance available! You will pay a huge cost in virtually all cases, whether it be the pure cost of the loan or some hidden costs, (how much they charge for the related tax return, processing fee, mailing fee, whatever). DO NOT DO IT. See, if your in that much of a really need to understand.... (No, it's not that "we" don't understand...I assure the rest of us generally do understand it's not that you can't afford not to get the money....thats the crazy thinking that makes your situation worse)....YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO GET THE MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS.....and this is. (If "we" - those with jobs and income...and of course more bills, needs, wants, than we can really afford - can't or won't accept this money beciause its too expensive, you really can't).
Moreover, generally the money (the tax refund itself) they get as the payback is only a few weeks away from you, were you to file for it anyway. And the fact is, were you to just change your withholding, you would not have over paid in. So your paying a bunch of money to get a loan of the money that is yours anyway!
Filing your own return online, FOR FREE, (avail in January) and your refund is maybe 3 weeks away anyway.
There is no other way to say it...these are "loans" for fools...the warnings are published everyplace, (every government agency and every consumer advocate warns you about how bad a thing they are) perhaps the people who may actually still fall for it - actually deserve to be taken for the ride and used (or is it abused) as such....that being the fool is what they like and just their proper lot in life!
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