Are North and South Korea in Korea?

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Both North Korea and South Korea are part of historic Korea (Joseon) and are both on the Korean peninsula. However, today these are two separate and antagonistic countries.
South Korea is one country and North Korea is an other country. They are both a seperate country.
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Why did North Korea invade South Korea?

Hoping to unify the Koreas under a single Communist government, the North launched a surprise invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950. In the following days, the UN Security Council condemned the attack and demanded an immediate withdrawal. Because Kim Il Sung hoped to join the two Koreas into on (MORE)

Why did North Korea and South Korea split?

After the Japanese surrender of WWII, the Americans and the Soviets occupied Korea. The Americans occupied southern part of Korea, while the Soviets entered Korea from their border and occupied the northern part of Korea. The Americans then invited Syngman Rhee back to the American-occupied Korea to (MORE)

Why did North Korea attak South Korea?

To "Liberate" South Korea is the main reason for the North toattack. The North, which became communist after the Koreanpeninsula was freed from Japanese rule, wanted South Korea tobecome communist as well.

How North Korea and South Korea different?

One BIG thing is that North Korea has a dictator, someone wwho forces things, and South Korea has more freedoms and has a President.. Mainly, South Korea has more freedom than North Korea.

What are the capitals of North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea's capital is P'yongyang . South Korea's capital is Seoul. When Korea was united during the Koryo Dynasty (919-1394), the capital was Songdo (also Gaegyeong ), which is now called Kaesong and is controlled by North Korea.

Did South Korea invade North Korea?

No. Definitely not. It was North Korea who invaded South Korea onJune 25, 1950. Unfortunately, North Korean propaganda continues to put forward theridiculous message that they were attacked by South Korea andtortures and/or kills those in its borders who say otherwise.

Did South Korea invaded North Korea?

no, about that question, there was war that cause by N. Korea, but not by South. South Korea wanting to get more peace between north and South Korea.

Why did North Korea bomb South Korea?

Depends, which one are you talking about, the recent one or the Korean war one? Well the Korean war one was because Kim Jong wanted the South Korea to reunite with North Korea with North Korea as the leader and the recent bombardment of South Korea's island was because north Korea said they felt "th (MORE)

What does South Korea and North Korea have in common?

They used to be one country, but at one point, Japan attacked Korea and ruled over it. After the Japanese left, Korea was very poor. Some people felt they would be better off with communism, and they set up a communist regime in the north. The South became a democracy. So They have the same cultur (MORE)

Why did South Korea invade North Korea?

South Korea did not invade North Korea. North Korea invaded South Korea. The reason why North Korea invaded South Korea is because they both had different opinions. North Korea thinks that being a democratic country is fair however South Korea thinks that republic is more equal. Both presidents disa (MORE)

When was South Korea invaded by North Korea?

I'm South Korean :). Just to let you know, im not going to state my opinions about North Korea. First, South Korea wasn't invaded by North Korea. It was just one Korea and they weren't divided yet. Before splitting, the Koreans were controlled by the Japanese. After winning the war with the Japanes (MORE)

Why is there a South Korea and North Korea?

Answer 1 The history of North Korea formally begins with the establishmentof the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948. In the aftermath of the Japanese occupation of Korea which endedwith Japan's defeat in World War II in 1945, Korea was divided atthe 38th parallel in accordance wi (MORE)

Deffrience of North Korea and South Korea?

First, north Korea is in the north and south Korea is in the south of Korea(obviously!!!!).. Secondly, in South Korea we can go out and in of the country very easly but North Korea can't go out of the land because they don't want South Koreans of other people to come in their country so you have t (MORE)

What did North Korea do to South Korea?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean war and Korea has been separated in 2 countries from then! North Korea is a Communist, and South Korea is a anti-communist like North America.

What do South Korea and North Korea have in common?

The main similarities:They are both on the same peninsula , speak the same language (albeit with regional accents), and use the same money (but in north Korea its the north Korean won). Other than that, the two countries are drastically different.

Why is North Korea at war with South Korea?

North and South Korea are not at war. There is a peace treaty extant between these two countries. But it should be noted that both sides are very uneasy neighbors. Further, the North Koreans are edgy to the point of pushing the South Koreans on a semi-regular basis.

Why does the North Korea battle with South Korea?

Before WWII, North and South Korea were united as one country; they were just Korea. Part of Korea, the south, wanted to break apart and be independent because they wanted to become democratic, while the rest wanted one communist country. They broke into civil war, and the US and UN jumped on the so (MORE)

Why is North Korea fighting South Korea?

The benefits the south gets from the USA from 1950 till now is one of the main reason why thy more likely to ruin there neighbors gifts Russia ideally would gain from this war seeing that it supplies the north with all types of weapons.

Why is there a north and south Korea and not just Korea?

The countries did start out as one. The division of Korea occured when the aftermath of Worls War II left the northern part of Korea under Soviet occupation and the south under the occupation of the other allied countries. This separated Korea, making two different countries. Soon Soviet-ruled Nor (MORE)

Why are north Korea and south Korea enemies?

North and South Korea didn't agree in the same governing plan. South Korea tried to cooperate with North America but North America refused and they split. Now, North Korea plans to attack South Korea and make it into one government for themselves.

Why is North Korea attacking South Korea?

It's because the two Korea(s) (North and South) are still in war technically because the Korean war did not with a treaty but simply an armistice (ceasefire). The recent attack was because the North felt threatened (in my perspective) of the military drills conducted by the South.

What is geography of north Korea and south Korea?

That is not an actually answerable question. I will assume that you are asking where the Koreas are. The Koreas are to the Northeast of China and to the Southeast of Russia. South Korea is only separated by a small portion of the Pacific Ocean from the islands of Japan.

What is bigger in North Korea or South Korea?

North Korea has an area of 120,540 km 2 or 46,528 sq mi while South Korea has an area of 100,210 km 2 or 38,691 sq mi - so North Korea has a larger land area. The population of North Korea is about 24,051,218 . The population of South Korea is about 48,875,000. So South Korea is larger in terms (MORE)

Does north Korea or south Korea have cars?

Of course south and North Korea have cars. South Korea's actually behind LG and Samsung! However, North Korea has Russian-made cars---no Hyundais or Toyotas in that country.

Did south Korea envade north Korea?

No South Korea didn't envade North Korea. South and North splid up because of the alliance between North America and Russia was not good. North Korea is the one who attacks first all the time. We never started first. North Korea's ruler does not feed his citizens he uses the money for nuclear explos (MORE)

How big is North Korea and south Korea?

North Korea is 46,528 square miles (120,540 square kilometers), and has a population of roughly 24 Million. South Korea is 38,691 square miles (100,210 square kilometers) and has a population of close to 59 Million..