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Are adult children responsible for tax arrearages of a deceased parent who had no estate?

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Tax Responsibility for Deceased Parents It could depend on what kind of taxes. If it's US Federal or state income tax, only the person(s) signing the return are liable. If it is property taxes, the house will be sold at auction after it is seized by the tax collector. The IRS/State can take the filer's property, real or personal to be sold for back taxes.More input from FAQ Farmers:
  • In most cases no, because they were not the childrens' taxes, now if there is anything "left" to the children, it may be taken by the IRS or other agency and auctioned off until the debt is paid. Usually they will give the executor of the estate a time frame (sometimes 90 days) to sell off any assests of the deceased and submit payment, after this time is up they come in and auction it for themselves. If there is "nothing left" in possession of the deceased it usually won't fall to the childrens' responsibility unless they possess some of the deceased money or possessions.
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Are the children of a deceased parent responsible for their debt in the state of New Jersey?

Yes and no. The estate of the deceased is responsible for payment of any debts of the departed, so if you had been willed any form of an asset then it could be liquidated or l

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  If your parent/s have an 'estate' or insurance policies...any source of income that is available, the outstanding bills can request payment from the estate after funeral

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Unlikely but the estate may have obligations. The question itself is very vague. Do you mean medical bills? Credit card bills? Utility bills? Exactly what type of debt? No on

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When an estranged parent dies are the adult children from the first marriage entitled to anything from the estate if there is no will and no support was paid over the years for these children?

  Answer     They may be entitled to some assets but it is not a certainty. When a person dies intestate (without a will) the state probate succession laws apply

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  Answer   i just lost my aunt and her children had to pay her medical bills.there are programs that will help the children pay them if they cant.     *  
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