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Airsoft guns are perfectly safe if used properly. Safe use of airsoft guns requires using at least eye protection. Full face protection is recommended.

Airsoft target practice does not require full face protection. Some form of eye protection is still recommended to guard against ricochets. Using targets that trap BBs or sticky targets that are often included with the gun decreases the likelihood of ricochet.

Eye protection should be in the form of goggles or masks that fit without leaving gaps. Paintball masks work well, but there is also airsoft-specific equipment on the market now. A layer of fabric is enough to stop an airsoft BB, so goggles and a balaclava can work as well. Normal clothing is also enough to protect skin.

Fabric gloves are also recommended. A BB striking a bare knuckle will hurt. In addition to safety equipment game rules usually prohibit shooting at close ranges, substituting a tap with a hand that counts as a "knife kill". Some players actually use soft rubber training knives for this.

Shooting an airsoft gun at an unprotected person is not safe. Some of the higher-powered guns at close range can chip a tooth or break skin. An airsoft BB fired at an unprotected eye, even from a low-powered spring gun, can cause serious damage, just like any other projectile. A shot to an unprotected eye from a high-powered gun at point blank range is potentially lethal. However, so is sticking a pencil in the eye.

An important safety consideration is the fact that airsoft guns can be very realistic and scare people who are not aware of them. Keep the orange tips attached to make them look less like a real gun. Do not point the guns at people not involved in your game. If the police show up keep your hands visible and away from the gun. Better yet, put it down and take a couple of steps back.

As with most other things in life, do not do obviously stupid things and you will be OK.
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What is an airsoft gun?

An airsoft gun is a gun that uses a force (either spring, gas, or electric motor) to push a blast of air at a plastic sphere (usually called a BB or Ball Bearing) out of the front of the gun. The cheapest guns are spring operated. You must pull an handle back each time before you shoot. Electric (MORE)

Where can you get an airsoft gun?

You can get them at sports stores, such as big 5, sports authority, target just to name a few but you can get them tons of places

What is in an airsoft gun?

The guns used in airsoft are typically replicas of real firearms, except that they have a mechanism for pushing out projectiles 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter and fire with an energy output of about 2 joules. Airsoft guns are classified according to their operating principle which can be spring, electri (MORE)

How do you get your parents who hate guns to get you an airsoft gun?

Join a SERIOUS airsoft team(You must be skilled to do this), mostwill let you borrow a gun, and make sure they know that they areholding you back from getting into a sport. Make sure they know the difference. I know gun control Obamaworshipers are completely ignorant on the subject (see WashingtonDC (MORE)

Is airsoft safe?

Airsoft can be dangerous, but it DOES NOT have to be. A littlewhile ago my two sons (ages 9 and 12) wanted to buy airsoft guns.At first I was reluctant because I was afraid that they would beinjured. I told them that it is too dangerous, but I was completelywrong about that. If you wear protection s (MORE)

What do airsoft guns do?

Original Answer: Airsoft guns are use for many things some kids useit to play airsoft some shoot at target airsoft guns are also usedto train miltary men and women to use a gun those are some thingspeople do with them Edit (by Luke Tomaneng): Airsoft guns launch lightweight BB's at anaverage weight (MORE)

Is a bb gun and an airsoft gun the same?

\n. \n. \nNo. First off, airsoft guns are chambered in a larger calibre, they're around .25" ( 6mm ). Modern BB guns are all .177 caliber. Pellet guns can be .177", .22" or .25", but bb's only come in .177 ( unless it's a real oldie which might be in .22 )\nSecond, airsofts all only shoot plastic (MORE)

How safe are airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are safe when used properly. The worst they can do is break the skin, break teeth, Shoot your eye out Kid. When playing airsoft you wear protection for your whole face, and there are safe engagement ranges (can't shoot from closer than 10 ft). Airsoft is a less painfull more realistic g (MORE)

Why are airsoft guns safe?

Airsoft guns are safe because unlike real guns they can't kill you or even pierce your skin...under normal circumstances.

Are airsoft gun wars safe?

Without protective gear, there is always the possibility of injury. Even with protective gear, there is a chance of injury. If you are shooting a gun of any kind, you should be wearing eye-protection.

Are airsoft wars safe?

Airsoft guns and pellets are an exact replica of real guns and give you a real war feel, they are not dangerous and can hurt but for few minutes. Still, one should take proper safety and training to avoid hitting on your arms and eyes. --------------- AirsoftAtlanta.

How do you get an airsoft gun?

Go to,, or, if you are in the USA. Otherwise i don't know because I live in the US You can also get them at,, or go down to your local sports store.

Is a gas airsoft gun safe to shot at someone?

Most Gas Airsoft models range between 280 and 400 fps. This is pretty safe to use in skirmishes where you will be shooting at someone. Depending on where you are playing most professional fields limit the use of guns with more than 360 or 400 fps. You just want to make sure that all people playin (MORE)

Are airsoft guns and bb guns the same?

No, an Airsoft gun shoots round plastic balls that are larger and lighter than your typical metal BB which keeps their projectile speed and range lower than a BB guns.

Is airsoft guns better then paintball guns?

Kind of a vague question... Do you mean which one would win in a battle? Or which sport is better? A 100$ paintball gun would win over a 100$ airsoft gun. Which sport is better is more of an opinion, i prefer airsoft guns because the proper ones are more reliable and won't end up breaking in (MORE)

Mp5 airsoft gun or ak47 airsoft gun?

it depends on what kind of marine are you inside? if your more of a backup,marksman, or some one who gives cover to others, than AK-47 if your a assassin! or some one who will run farther faster and harder,first to go, close up fighter than mp5, i honestly like mp5 more cuz it looks more modern (MORE)

Is airsoft gun megastore a safe website?

Yea, My older brother has one like that. I ordered many guns and accessories from them and they are very safe. They have satisfaction guaranteed and many other awards for their safety etc...

What is a good fps for a airsoft gun?

for AEG's 300-400 FPS for snipers 400-600 FPS although the max is 550 for a war, you can just target shoot and go as high as you want IMO(in my opinion)

How safe is airsoft?

In my opinion, airsoft is a pretty safe sport. There is no real danger because the sport consists of people getting hit with tiny plastic BBS. There should be no eminent danger to plastic BBS hitting you because most airsoft guns are spring loaded or electric and can only shoot around 200 FPS and 37 (MORE)

What is the most dangerous airsoft gun?

THe most dangerous airsoft gun is probably any of the Systema PTW series if they have the highest power cylinder. With it they can shoot at approximately 700 fps. A highly moded gas sniper rifle may also be able to achieve similar power, but I am not aware of any other airsoft gun that can shoot ove (MORE)

Is a airsoft gun more powerful then a spring airsoft gun?

No. Aspects which determine how powerful an airsoft gun is actuallyit's spring (stronger/harder the spring means bigger fps), compression (better compression = better fps), and weightof the BBs we use (heavier BBs in the same fps candeliver bigger energy). Edit: If a gun that is automatic in (MORE)

Can a airsoft gun chip a tooth?

Definitely. Always wear a lower half face mask with full seal goggles or a full face paintball style mask for best protection. If you watch videos from, you can see that people chipped their teeth multiple times (and the place where he is recording has a 400 fps limit, so the guns a (MORE)

How do youbiuld a airsoft gun?

I suggest that you start by finding old, used, or broken airsoft guns (or your own), and taking them apart, to find out how they work. Then, you would have to find a material to build it out of, such as wood or lego's. After that, all you have to do is put everything together, and hey presto, airsof (MORE)

What was the first airsoft gun?

The first airsoft gun was designed and developed in Japan, around the 1980's, due to a ban on civilian ownership of firearms. The idea came from the original BB gun.

Is a spring airsoft gun better then an electric airsoft gun?

Spring guns require you to cock for every shot, they usually are cheaper(unless it it a high quality bolt action), they can be more durable than AEG's. An electric AEG will be able to fire full auto and usually has a higher cap mag. Also, AEGs usually have metal gearboxes called MPEG airsoft guns. L (MORE)

How do you get a jamed airsoft bb out of the airsoft gun?

Take it to a repair shop EDIT: Don't listen to that guy, you don't have to waste your time taking it to a repair shop. Simply take an unjamming rod, shove it down the barrel, and the BB should roll out the magwell. If it doesn't, take apart your gun until you have the barrel laying in front of yo (MORE)

Pictures of airsoft gun and a BB gun?

Go to the Google website, and from the upper toolbar select IMAGES. On the search page, enter "airsoft" or "BB gun", and you should find hundreds of pictures.

Is a airsoft gun a real gun?

No, airsoft guns are toys. They use batteries and gearboxes to fire 6mm plastic bbs at an average of 2 joules. Although many high powered air rifles can be as dangerous as real guns, they should not be confused with airsoft guns.

How do you make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun?

You can't. If you want to make a spring airsoft gun into an electric airsoft gun (AEG) it's simply like built an AEG from scratch. You need a new body (which means also a new inner and outer barrel, hop up chamber, and even the handguard), a whole gearbox, wiring, battery.... JUST BUY AN AEG. It's a (MORE)

What is stronger a co2 airsoft gun or a spring airsoft gun?

It all depends on the strength of the spring airsoft rifle. If your refering to pistols (I will assume you are), I prefer a co2 or green-gas pistol over a springer anyday. In the big picture, springers are regarded as cheap and useless. Although the fps may be better than that of the gas, it's range (MORE)

Where can you get a airsoft gun?

i get my airsoft guns from airsoft gi or evike you can also get them at academy but if u get them there they probably wont be very good i got a pretty good pulse r-73 at dicks sporting goods

Are airsoft guns air guns?

Not exactly. Airsoft guns do run off air, but air guns usually refers to air guns that shoot .177 cal pellets or bb's.

What is the best airsoft gun for a airsoft war?

If you are just starting airsoft i would highly recommend an aeg, (airsoft electric gun) but if you are pro and experienced, a trained camouflaged sniper is the best, an invisible predator. However it does depend on the user of the gun. If you are asking performance wise then g&g makes the best airs (MORE)

Are electric airsoft guns safe?

The question you should be asking is "am I safe." Guns dont hurt people, people hurt people. An airsoft electric gun(aeg) will be as safe as the person wielding it.

What are Airsoft guns and are they safe?

Airsoft guns are plastic guns, used for target practice or havingAirsoft "wars." Airsoft guns shoot small plastic bbs, with atypical radius of 6mm. Most guns are made of sturdy plastic and areparcialy metalic, but some guns are made of cheap plastic. Theseguns are not very strong, and are easy to br (MORE)