Are all some or none of the mythologies true?

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First, some definitions:
  • Myth - story or word. The word myth entered into the English lexicon in the early 19th century from Latin mythos which came from the Greek muthos, literally meaning story or word.
  • Mythology - the body of collected stories of a group of people such as the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mayans, etc., or the study of such.

That being established, it cannot be said whether or not all, some, or parts of different mythologies are true or not. It is generally believed by literary, linguistic, and anthropological experts that there is some truth in mythologies, that they rose out of actual events, but that the stories convoluted or changed over time. As is true for human nature, as stories are passed, subsequent generations tend to embellish. Embellishment after embellishment on top of embellishment can make for a very grand tale.
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All or none principle Henry Bowditch?

The all-or-none principle established by the American physiologist,Henry Pickering Bowditch states that the strength of a nerve'sresponse to stimulus is completely independent from the strength ofthe latter. The nerve will still give a complete response even ifthe stimulus exceeds the threshold pote (MORE)

Who are all the gods in Greek mythology?

Zeus- God of Kings & Sky Poseidon- God of the Sea Hades- God of the Underworld Ares- God of War Athena- Goddess of Wisdom Aphrodite- Goddess of Beauty & Love Hephaestus- God of the Forges (of technology in general and of volcanoes) Dionysus- God of Wine Hera- God of Queens and Marri (MORE)

Is mythology true?

Yes and No. Maybe. Mythological stories are stories from long agothat explained the world to the people back then. An interestingthing about many of them (e.g.Greek, Roman, Native American) isthat they share stories of the flood, the people are similar withdifferent names and the phrasing can be sim (MORE)

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What are all of the greek mythological beasts?

Medusa - Pictures of Medusa Medusa - Pictures of Medusa. Argus The giant Argus had 100 eyes.. Cannibals in Greek Mythology Cannibalism in Greek mythology occasionally manifests itself when someone's children are served up at a dinner feast.. Echidna Echidna is described by Hesiod as a part-snake (MORE)

All or none principle?

all or none principle is a principle in which saracomere stays in a contracted state, until nerve stimulation stops. Exercytosis of ACH stops. ACH in receptors is broken down by enzyme. Calcium ions is then pumped back into SR by active transport (uses cell energy). No more calcium ions troponin tur (MORE)

What are all the gods of Egyptian mythology?

some were bastet: cats; horus: falcon, sky; isis; set/seth; Nepthys: rivers; Sobek: oceans, alligators; Thoth: wisdom, writing; Osiris: underworld; Anubis: mummy/mummification; Ra: Sun; nut: sky, stars; Geb: earth, land; all i can remember!

Explain the all or none response?

A type of response that may be either complete and of fullintensity or totally absent, depending on the strength of thestimulus; there is no partial response.

What is the 'all or none' response?

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Is Greek mythology true?

How could anyone say for sure? The obvious answer is no, because the natural phenomenons the myths explain have different causes, but the question is ultimately the same as "Is Catholicism real" or "Is Hinduism real".

What is the all none law of muscle response?

all-or-none law is the principle that the strength by which a nerve or muscle fiber responds to a stimulus is not dependent on the strength of the stimulus. If the stimulus is any strength above threshold, the nerve or muscle fiber will give a complete response or otherwise no response at all

What was Norse mythology all about?

In Norse mythology there were 9 worlds: Gimle (the high heaven), Asgard (world of the aesir gods), Alf Heim (world of the elves),Vana Heim ( world of the Vanir gods), Jotun Heim (world of the giants and trolls), Midgard (the earth), Darkalf Heim (world of the gnomes), Muspel Heim (world of fire), an (MORE)

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Is Norse mythology true?

of course it's true. just like Adam and eve in the garden of eden. and the evil galactic overlord xenu. 100% true. all of it.

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What are all the different types of mythology?

You really are asking a big question. Since the beginning of time, or at least when the first 'biped men' (Homo Erectus which is Latin for 'Upright Man") roamed the world approximately two million years ago they have been trying to understand the world around them. They tried to make sense of the fo (MORE)

The all-or-none principle states that?

The all-or-none principle states that if a stimulus surpassesthreshold amount, the action potential is the same. It was createdby the American physiologist Henry P. Bowditch in 1871.

Graded potential are they all or none?

graded potential are by definition VARIABLE in strength, and therefore NOT all or none. They start out at their strongest strength, and degrade (become weaker) as they progress further along.

Explain what the ap is an all or none?

it depends on the stimulation. if the stimulation is not strong enough, there might be no action potential. However, if the stimulation is strong enough, there will be an action potential

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What are all the mythology?

It wasn't always called mythology. It was just religion to them at some point and the same way less people believe in religion I'm pretty sure that the same goes for them. Some may believe it still while other don't

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What are some true mythologies?

True mythologies are those that were the basis of historical cultures. Greek Norse Rome Egyptian Sumerian Untrue mythologies are those invented by writers of fiction. Middle Earth sagas by J,R,R, Tolkein Cthulian mythology by H.P. Lovecraft Cimmerian mythology by Robert E. Howard.

What are all the gods names in mythology?

Which mythology do you mean? Greek, Indian, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Canaanite...? Many of these religions had literally hundreds of gods. It would be nearly impossible to list all of them. If you need to produce a written answer for this question, the best thing is to google for the mythology tha (MORE)

What was Greek mythology all about?

Greek Mythology was a way for the ancient greeks to explain things they didn't understand. like lightning and thunder, so they created someone that ruled over it; Zeus. They made these stories and from that spawned more and more stories making greek mythology.

What are all the gods of Roman mythology?

There are a lot of them, but the main ones are: Jupiter, God of Gods and thunder Neptune, God of the Seas Pluto, God of the Underworld Ceres, Goddess of the harvest Venus, Goddess of Love Mercury, God of Thieves Mars, God of War Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom Diana, Goddess of The Hunt (MORE)

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Who are all the gods of Roman mythology?

There are really more than I can name off the top of my head, but hopefully this'll help: -Jupiter- King of the Gods -Juno- Queen of the Gods, goddess of childbirth? -Neptune- God of the Sea -Mercury- Messenger god of travelers and thieves -Ceres- Goddess of the Harvest -Venus- Goddess of love Tha (MORE)

Gods and goddess in Greek mythology true?

No, Greek gods and godesses aren't real. That is why its called myth ology. However, the Greek people did believe it was real, and worshiped them and gave them offerings everyday.