Are any the Americans injured in the Boston Marathon stuck with huge medical bills?

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Not any known to the public knowledge is suffering with a huge medical bill as a result of the Boston Marathon.
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Can the medical bills of someone injured on your property be covered by homeowners insurance?

They could be in some cases depending on how and why they were injured and what the relationship and residence status is to he named insured. Your homeowners medical covera

What is the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon is a foot race of 26 miles, 385 yards (42.2 km.), that is run annually in the City of Boston.

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Where should you go after the Boston Marathon?

According to friends of mine that were there, you go get pizza andeat it in the middle of Boston Common. When you are done, you goback to the race and cheer on the late finish

How old is the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon was established in the year 1897 so it is officially a hundred and sixteen years old (116). It is usually held on Patriot's Day in the month of April.

Was the Boston Marathon always held in Boston?

Yes, the finish line has always been in Boston, but never the starting line. Since 1925 runners have started the race from the village of Hopkinton. Before that, the starting
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Does full coverage cover medical bills of injured?

the term "Full Coverage" is a layman's term. You will not find this language in your policy. In order to determine if you have Medical Coverage you just need to look at you
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