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Sort of - they contain a compound that is broken down into Hydrogen Cyanide, a well known poison especially in old crime novels.

The compound is also found in bitter almonds and cherry pits. Your body will release cyanide while breaking it down.
Your body can also detoxify small amounts of cyanide, however if there is too much, it will bond to haemoglobin (the protein responsible for transporting oxygen around your body) similar to carbon monoxide (it can displace carbon monoxide as it bonds better).
It has been used as a potential cancer treatment, however it proved too poisonous (most treatments for cancer are a poison that will kill the cancer effectively but do little harm to you).

However, they contain so little of it and you'd need to chew the seeds well to release it (otherwise the seeds are likely to pass whole through your digestive system), so in practice, while they contain poison, they are harmless, similar to carbon dioxide, and also somewhat similar to oxygen (it high enough concentrations, above atmospheric pressure, it can kill, but you need it to live (you don't need cyanide)).
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Are apple seeds really poisonous?

The relative toxicity of apple seeds is very low; they do indeed contain the poison cyanide, but in doses so small that you would have to eat thousands of them at once.

Why do apples have seeds?

Seeds are for future generations of apples to grow, once the apple hits the ground and rots there are the seeds for some new trees.

Is the seed of apple is poisonous?

The seed of an apple is not poisonous but it might give a stomach ache.   Contrary to this, apple seeds do contain small amounts of cyanide, however, this is not enough t

What is a seeded apple?

A seeded apple is an apple with the seeds removed. It also means  pomegranate coming from the latin words, ponum (apple) and  granatum (seeded).

How do the seeds get in the apple?

Like most fruits, seeds "get in" the apples by flower pollination. A flower is pollinated and seeds develop. The fruit, (in this case, the apple) develops around the seeds.

Are apple seeds poison to dogs?

Only in large amounts. They contain a small amount of amygdalin. Typically, it's best to avoid feeding dogs seeds. Especially small dogs.

Where did johnny apple seed get his apple seeds?

from the inside of the apple you idiot, but its really when a mommy apple and a daddy apple love each other very much and get all applely and make little baby apple seeds that

Is there poison in apple seed?

Yes there is its called cyanide but dont feel upset if u swallowed 1 or something like that you have to swallow like a whole cup of apple seeds.Cyanide is also fond in peach s

How many apple seeds are in an apple?

This vary from apple to apple, and also very much between the type of apple. Most apples have between 8-12 seeds, but some have less, others have many many more. The amoun

How many apples are in an apple seed?

There are no apples in an apple seed due to the germantion but if you plant the seed it will aventually grow into either an apple or an apple tree x

Why are seeds poisonous?

Not all seeds are poisonous. Those that are can be poisonous usually contain some form of toxin that makes you sick. Some seeds shouldn't be eaten if they are physically dange

Are apples poisonous?

Does the pope wear a silly hat! Of course they are poisonous. In fact, they are the most poisonous fruit in all of North America. The way you tell how poisonous an apple reall
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Are apple seeds poison for horses?

No. Apples are some of a horse's main diet and favorite dish so  they tend to go through quite a handful of apple seeds. Apple seeds  have been known to contain cyanide, but
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Do guinea pigs have a limit for apple seeds I know they are poisonous but do they have some sort of limit to it?

Apple seeds are not poisonous to guinea pigs.   I give apples with the seeds in to my guinea pigs everyday.    However one must be careful as guinea pigs can choke