Are composite bats illegal in high school?

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yes. supposedly composite bats are banned. but it might be reversed because there has to be a certain stamp the new bats have to have in order to beused and none of the old bats have it. so technically they arent.
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Can an illegal high school student graduate in the United States?

Answer If you are asking Can an undocumented alien, an illegal alien, graduate from HS in the US, the answer is yes: public primary, junior and senior high schools do not question nor care about a student's citizenship: they will grant a diploma to any student who graduates. Private schools and col (MORE)

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What is the best high school baseball bat?

look at the steath comp CNT stiff. great bat its a little more top heavy than other stealths but has a really nice feel and good pop. the TPX exo is a great bat too. the weight distribution is a little different than the comp but you might like that. it doesn't have as much flex as the comp either.

What is the best aluminum high school bat on market?

I have a TPX Exo-grid. I have probably hit about 5000+ balls with it, no joke , and it still has great pop. I'd suggest that, or the TPX H2. As far as brands go, TPX is definitely the one to choose. Those two bats are among the top of the list in TPX bats, and, bats overall. T P X

Is creatine illegal in Texas high school sports?

Yes. Creatine is a class 2 steroid and despite it's commercial success it is still illegal in 46 states. In the 4 that it is legal (I know CA is one of them) it is still illegal for anyone under 18 to use. I don't know what the laws are in Texas. Steroids are bad and I suggest you stay away from the (MORE)

Is an arm bar illegal in high school wrestling?

Yes, this is an illegal move in high school wrestling because it can very easily break the opponents arm. You perform an arm bar by using something (such as your knee) to go under the opponents elbow. Then you grab hold of the opponents arm that your knee is under, and pull the way that it doesn't b (MORE)

What is the average high school batting average?

Im a Junior and this year i had a .845 average. My Sophomore year i had a .690 and my freshman year i had a .454. so i would say a normal batting average for a hischool ball player would be around .400, i am going to college baseball in louiville.

Is it illegal to be high?

In Canada, it is not illegal to be under the influence of marijuana. It is illegal to possess the product, or smoke it in public ( Respectively) .

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What is the minus bat drop requirement for high school softball?

There is no limit to the drop; that only applies to baseball. The only requirement for a softball bat to be used in high school softball is that it must be ASA (Amateur Softball Association) approved and so marked on the bat. The current marking is the phrase ASA 2004 inside the outline of a home p (MORE)

Was dunking ever illegal in high school basketball?

Yes - I think it was added in the mid-1960s, and lasted through the mid-1970s; it was a technical foul to dunk during the game. (The same rule applied in college. I think it was added so really tall players like Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lew Alcindor) would not have a significant adv (MORE)

Is a composite volcano high in silica?

Yes it is high in silica because composite volcanoes are known for being explosive. Composite volcanoes, sometimes referred to as stratovolcanoes, one of Earth's most common type.They form by explosive eruptions of pyroclastic material followed by quieter outpourings of lava. This usually indicate (MORE)

What is the rule for bat size in High School baseball?

The bat has to have a -3 difference in the length and weight (exp. 32 inches long 29 ounces) and has to be BESR certified. This means the Bat Exit Speed Ratio that the ball can't come off the ball above a certain speed. i believe its 97 mph. So if ur bat is a -3 and has a BESR sticker on it its good (MORE)

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What is the best high school baseball bat for 2011?

There isn't a bat that is a magic pill for high school. Your ability to succeed in high school will be based on your ability to read the rotation of the ball, make contact, upper body strength and bat speed. Assuming the talent is there, the men separate themselves from the boys with upper body stre (MORE)

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It is not illegal, but, you are going to have a very tough time getting a job in the USA without a high school diploma. It's getting to tougher to get a job Without a four year college diploma, let alone getting a job without a high school diploma.

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