Are diamonds flammable?

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Diamonds will burn quite easily actually. Not so easily that your diamond will ever burn accidentally in a fire.

In a pure oxygen environment the temperatures are fairly low (1320 degrees) in our "real world" atmospheres are but 20% oxygen, therefore the temperatures to burn them must be 1520 or so degrees.

Jewelers coat diamonds in boron when retipping prongs as the solder melting points are higher than the flash point of a diamond. Boron coating keeps from oxygen getting to the stone during the repair. So technically diamonds are NOT flammable but ARE combustable. when a diamond does burn, there is no ash residue as a diamond is pure carbon and when burned (oxidized) it turns into carbon dioxide.

Just about everything will burn if exposed to a high enough temperature, but diamonds are certainly not considered flammable. This is because of the structure of diamond. Diamond is composed entirely of carbon, and each carbon atom is bonded two four other carbon atoms.

When something burns, the reaction is actually the combination of that substance with oxygen. So for diamond to burn, the carbon atoms must break their bonds to the other carbon atoms and form new bonds with oxygen.

Because of the interconnected and 3-D structure of diamond (the same reason it is one of the hardest substances on earth) would prevent this reaction from happening at any significant rate. Although if you broke the diamond down into the finest powder possible, it would definitely burn fast than if you had a single large diamond crystal.

In any case, diamond won't burn at anything but extremely extremely high temperatures!

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Generally, flammability is not known as a characteristic of diamond, the hardest mineral known.

Diamond has the highest melting point: 3,820 degrees Kelvin, which is 6,416.33 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3,546.85 degrees Celsius.
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Why is paint flammable?

Answer . Many paints contain flammable substances, and spray painting is hazardous if painting mist comes into contact with a source of ignition.. Possible sources of ignition include lit cigarettes, abrasive grinding wheels and other equipment that produces sparks, combustion motors, welding to (MORE)

Is wine flammable?

Wine Flammable? . Wine is not usually flammable, as there is not enough alcohol in it. But you might get a flash off the vapor.

What is the definition of flammability?

Answer . It means that it is able to catch on fire. How flammable something is. More simply, how easy something will catch in fire. Flammability (flammable) means something is able to catch on fire.

What does flammable mean?

It means 'able to be lit on fire' and flammable means that a material or chemical has the abilty to catch fire.

Is nitrogen flammable?

No. Nitrogen is not very reactive. This is very good for us.Earth's atmosphere is mostly nitrogen. If nitrogen were flammable,oxygen would not be able to exist in the amounts we need.

What is Flammable?

Flammability is defined at how easily something will burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion. The degree of difficulty required to cause the combustion of a substance is subject to quantification through fire testing. Internationally, a variety of test protocols exist to quantify flammability. T (MORE)

Is iron flammable?

No Iron, like most metals, is very unflammable and will only melt at high temperatures but not catch fire actually i just learn in science class steel wool has traces of iron and steel wool can be burn and if put in a container filled with pure oxygen it can self combust

Are liquids flammable?

Not all liquids are flammable. Some liquids that are flammable aregasoline, alcohol, oil. Liquids like water are not flammable.

Is silver flammable?

If you mean flammable, then in the regular sense of the word, no, it does not burn by fire. But some silver compounds will combust if given the correct circumstances (e.g. silver oxide)

What is most flammable?

There are a number of chemicals that are very flammable. Some are even explosive. That makes it hard to pick one. Volatile substances that have light molecules are probably the most flammable, and there are a number of things that could compete for the title "most flammable" or something similar.

Is xenon flammable?

No, xenon is not flammable. It's an inert or noble gas, and it is most reluctant to react with anything else. It won't burn.

Is silk flammable?

only on sundays only on sundays No, silk is not very flammable compared to other fabrics such as brushed cotton .

Is bleach flammable?

No, bleach is not flammable. The Material Safety and Data Sheet for a common brand of bleach says it does not ignite when exposed to an open flame.

Is vinegar flammable?

Vinegar as that can be bought at a store is not flammable as it is mostly water. But if acetic acid (the component that makes it vinegar) is concentrated enough, it is flammable.

Why are aerosols flammable?

Aerosols are flammable due to the chemicals that they are made up of that are put under intense pressures so they can be released from the nossel.

What is the flammability of nitrogen?

Nitrogen is not combustible. . The National Fire Protection Association has assigned a flammability rating of 0 (minimal fire hazard) to nitrogen. . However, In contact with ozone, nitrogen can oxidize explosively.

Is sap flammable?

I think so, i just put a piece of wood in my fire, and sap started rising up on the top & burned pretty well.. and I'm pretty sure pine sap is flammable. I'm going to say yes, sap is flammable.

Is aluminum flammable?

the aluminum element is assigned by the National Fire Protection Association the flammability rating of 1. Dust or fine powder.

Which elements are flammable?

Hydrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Carbon, Boron, Neon, Sodium, Magnesium, and a few others I can't quite put my finger on. d(^_^)b

Is Steel Flammable?

Steel isn't flammable but it can melt! . What are the physical and chemical properties of steel?

Flammability of oxygen?

Oxygen itself is not flammable. However, oxygen is needed for a flammable substance to burn.

Is tin flammable?

No Tin is not flammable. =) . That is a lie. As a former scientist, I still have experimental models and notebooks. I was flipping through a couple of notebooks and found out that tin is indeed flammable.

Is zinc flammable?

In its granular form, it cannot combust to flame. It combusts in air, though, with a bluish-green flame, giving off zinc oxide.

What is the flammability of chromium?

I don't know you should ask a physical science teacher for tips on where you can locate that piece of information or check out the library on book about chromium. Good luck on your search!

Is blood flammable?

Liquid blood is not because of its high water content. Chips of curdled blood, however, are flammable. They don't ignite, but they do burn and char.

Is skin flammable?

Yes! . Skin can catch fire, but not if it was just touched by a match or likewise, it must be exposed to extreme heats to be fire fuel.

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Most rocks will melt, not burn. Some organic rocks, like amber and coal, will ignite.

What is the flammability of hydrogen?

It is very flammable, and ignites spontaneously at 560 °C. Note that the flame is almost invisible.. If hydrogen is mixed with fluorine or chlorine, it will react violently at room temperature.

Is vaseline flammable?

Yes it is. Don't worry though, it is only a potential fire hazard if you put it on other burnable materials such as wood, paper or my favourite choice of cotton wool and then it will make an excellent starter for any fire. The reason for this is that Vaseline isn't good at burning on its own, it (MORE)

Is antimony flammable?

Quite the opposite - one of its compounds, antimony trioxide, is used as a flame retardant.

Is sunscreen flammable?

Sunscreen is generally either primarily water or alcohol, sometimes found under inactive ingredients. If it's water you're probably fine but if alcohol it's potentially flammable considering primarily could mean over 50% alcohol. Although alcohol doesn't necessarily mean it's flammable, could hav (MORE)

What is vx is it flammable?

VX is primarily categorized by the EPA as a poison. It has a flammability rating of 1, on a scale of 1-4, 4 being very flammable.

Is fibreglass flammable?

The glass fibers themselves aren't. The polymer matrix they're embedded in may or may not be.

Are markers flammable?

Markers are of various types and some are flammable for example Krink K42 type pain markers are highly flammable. While amongst the non flammable ones you have, Ultra color non flammable Marker.

Is playdoh flammable?

No, it isn't. However, dry Playdoh is somewhat combustible...It ought to kindle at around 450 F since wheat flour is the primary ingredient.

Why is salt not flammable?

Usually organic compounds are inflammable due topresence of Carbon which is converted into CO 2 to gainthe stability,in salts ions are present which already have gainedthe stability and do not form the oxides..

Is electricity flammable?

No. Only a substance can be flammable - a solid, liquid, gas etc. Electricity is a form of energy, not a substance.

Are ghosts flammable?

No, their just energy. If you tried to set a ghost on fire it would just more than likely set the rest of your house on fire. How bout you try blessing you home or where ever the ghost is. If you are more dominant then the ghost (if it is a spirit and not a demon) then it would more then likely go a (MORE)

Is gelatin flammable?

Technically yes, all organic compounds are flammable however you have to expose it to extremely high temperatures in order to actually light it on fire.

Is Gatorade flammable?

No. The liquid is more than 97% water by volume. The dry powdered mix will fuse and burn as it is mostly sugar.

Is coffee flammable?

Yes, if they are dry. For example, don't smoke near a compost pile of dry coffee grounds.

Is a desert flammable?

Well, the entire desert is not really flammable. But the grasses or the types of plants which grow in the desert are highly flammable.

Is Granite flammable?

Absolutely not. Granite, like most Rocks and Minerals, is not flammable AT ALL. If fact, only a very select few rocks or minerals are flammable, most simply melt. Though don't worry about granite melting, melting point is at 1215-1260 o C!

Is feces flammable?

There are some flammable gasses that are produced as a byproduct ofthe digestion of soluble fibers like hydrogen and methane in feces.

Is a straw flammable?

That depends on what material the straw is made out of. If itspaper or cardboard, then yes.

Is gasoline not flammable?

Did you ever try to light it? Did you see the signs next to thegasoline pumps? They all indicate that it is very flammable.