Are dogs for the blind covered under insurance And dogs for the handicapped are not?

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What insurance will cover dog bites?

I am a licensed insurance agent; licensed in 45 states for 16 years. I sell animal liability insurance and have extensive insurance experience. First, a dog bite will neve

Are dogs blind?

Generally, no. . Most dogs have decent vision, but not as good color vision ashumans.

Why do dogs sleep under the covers?

\n. \n. \nSense of closeness perhaps, like whats needed for people who suffer from agoraphobia. Could also be for warmth or the bed smells like it's favorite human. Could al

What does dog insurance cover a dog for?

Dog insurance can cover almost everything from injuries to dogs, to accidents that can cause injuries, and even veterinary visits. It usually covers the majority of the costs

Does Zurich insurance cover dogs?

Zurich insurance does not cover dogs unless you have a dog employed at your construction company. Zurich insurance specializes in commercial property and causality insurance.

What does dog insurance usually cover in the UK?

"They have many different policies available to cover dogs in the United Kingdom. You can have annual, per condition, or life long coverage. Each of these comes with different