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Because of the illegal (and therefore unregulated) nature of the sex trade, there are no "safe" escorts. From an employee point of view, despite their best efforts, escort services have the potential to suffer from all common drawbacks of prostitution (disease, pregnancy, drug abuse, and physical danger). From a consumer point of view, these same caveats apply, though legitimacy (and safety) increases with price. Buyer be ware.

Actually, prostitution is legal in Canada-- and has been since the mid 1800's. Aspects were illegal, but when it comes to just prostitution, it was only public discussion of money and services that was illegal. Living off the avails, incalls, and "bawdy houses" were another story. However, thanks to Himel, that has all changed. Check the news for updates. But, to answer your question, yes they can be. If you ever find an escort who will give you bareback full service, runnnn!!! Go with your local review board (ie: in toronto, it is TERB) and find a reputable agency. Discuss services offered. If you decide to get a BBBJ (google if you don't know what this means), then yes: you run a risk of contracting an STI, just like with any woman. As the previous person mentioned, there are "common drawbacks of prostitution," but so far as reputable agencies go, this is more of a stigma with no truth to it. If you are willing to pay 180-250$ per hour for basic GFE services, you can totally assume that you are getting something as "safe," or probably more so, than some ho you'd pick up at the bar. These girls do this for a living, not to die. They are concerned about their own health too, remember ;) Best advice I can give, and I know a little, since I work in the industry myself :)
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