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Are ethical behavior and legal behavior the same?

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A business owner who was turned downed for a loan because it was to risky, had his accountant to change his accounting method from cach basis to accrual basis. Which he then applied for a laon with another bank (on the application there was a question that asked if he had been previously rejected for credit and he answered no). Is this business owner displaying ethical behavior or legal behavior and why?
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What do ethics and ethical behavior have to do with finance?

Answer   Would you entrust your money to someone you thought was unethical? Would you risk heavy fines and possible jail time for skimming funds from a client?   Peopl

What is ethical behavior?

ethical behavior is behavior that is appropriate for the work place. It is professional behavior. not goofy, or kid play.

What is is ethical behavior?

Ethics are considered the moral standards by which people judge behavior. Ethical behavior is behavior that conforms to those accepted standards of social or professional beha

Are ethical and legal behavior the same?

No. Ethics is the knowledge of what is right and wrong. The law is what your government tells you to do and not do. Many things, such as abortion, are legal, but are considere

Can a behavior be ethical but illegal at the same time?

I think there could be times when ethical behavior could be wrong. Sorry, no examples come to mind right about now. Maybe someone else can give you a better answer! Example #

Is all legal behavior ethical?

Legal behaviour is simply behaviour not rendered illegal by any applicable legal authority. The status of its il/legality is irrelevent to whether or not it is ethical,which i