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Are ethical behavior and legal behavior the same?

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A business owner who was turned downed for a loan because it was to risky, had his accountant to change his accounting method from cach basis to accrual basis. Which he then applied for a laon with another bank (on the application there was a question that asked if he had been previously rejected for credit and he answered no). Is this business owner displaying ethical behavior or legal behavior and why?
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What do ethics and ethical behavior hace to do with finance?

A lot of time in finance there may be opportunities where you may have ways to take 'shortcuts' in order to make more money or get ahead. Knowing the ethics allows you to deci (MORE)

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What is is ethical behavior?

Ethics are considered the moral standards by which people judge behavior. Ethical behavior is behavior that conforms to those accepted standards of social or professional beha (MORE)

Are We More Likely to Be Ethical in the Morning?

Most of us would like to think that our behavior is guided by a set of values and ethics that is relatively steady. Lapses do occur, of course, but we like to think of these a (MORE)

What Are The Drivers Of Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior involves a complex and sometimes nuanced system of inputs and outputs. Marketers need to understand what drives its broad constraints and possibilities in or (MORE)

5 Keys to Better Legal Compliance

Legal compliance isn't the sexiest business subject in the world. But if your business doesn't protect its legal foundation, a lot of unsexy things can happen to it including (MORE)

Does the Feeling of Being Watched Change Our Behavior?

In today's world, privacy is rare indeed. Much of our behavior is filmed, recorded, and archived. We are perhaps too close to this phenomenon to fully understand its implicati (MORE)

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Examples of ethical behavior?

Ethical behaviors are morally upstanding, and are generally the  right things to do. An example might be when a person helps an  elderly individual cross the street, or when (MORE)

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Is ethics a learned behavior?

No. It resides in the realm of ones conscience. Nearly all people who act unethically first attempt to rationalize their bad behavior in order to salve their conscience for wh (MORE)

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How can ethical behavior be encourage?

Ethical behaviour is not something which will come quickly if people do not already possess it. But, certain techniques can be applied to encourage ethical behaviour. These i (MORE)

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What constitutes ethical behavior?

Ethical behavior is acting in a respectful way regarding basic moral principles like: equality, fairness, honesty, integrity, and respecting the dignity, diversity and rights (MORE)

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What is ethical conduct of human behavior?

Ethics deal with what is right and wrong in a given society. For Human beings, generally, there is ethical behaviour which is the respect for humanity in general. When we resp (MORE)