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Feminists are not evil. But they are misunderstood. Feminists are essentially anyone, woman or man, who believes that women should have the same rights as men. Those who consider themselves feminists, however, are actively trying to make the livelihoods of women equal to those of men. They are trying to make it so that female employees get the same salary as male employees for the same job. So that women get the same respect & treatment as men do in daily life. They are fighting to get women in third world countries basic human rights. Feminists are trying to make the world an equal place for both men & women alike to live in. There are a lot of myths about feminists. Those myths stem from a small percentage of feminists whose views have, unfortunately, created the negative way most people view all feminists. This small portion of feminists believe that all men are evil. They basically hate men. They feel that all the evil in the world is attributed to men &, truthfully, would be thrilled if all men just disappeared off the face of the earth & they could live in a world where men did not exist. They are known as the "radical-lesbian-feminists" & their incredibly extreme views have adversely effected the way people view not only feminists, but lesbians as well. It is why a great deal of people still believe that lesbians hate men, which is absolutely not true. Many of these women, if not most, are/were not even lesbians, just women who, probably because of childhood experiences, hate men. That is one myth right there. A lot of people believe that all feminists are lesbians, & that is not true. Many straight women, bi women & many men are feminists. Feminists come in all races, creeds, colors, sexes... Many celebrities are feminists. Another myth which is held by a lot of people is that all feminists are dirty, unkempt, unhygienic, etc. This is also untrue as feminists do, in fact, take regular showers, baths, & take care of themselves. Until recently, I believed most of those myths & negative stereotypes which are placed on feminists. Until I learned otherwise, that is. I knew nothing of feminists except what I had always heard/been told. I pretty much thought they were evil myself. I didn't particularly like them & disagreed with pretty much everything they stood for. That was when I knew absolutely nothing of what they stood for. After I became a little more informed, however, I found that I actually do agree with most, if not all, of what they stand for. You should try doing some research on feminists yourself if you still believe they are evil. Try an encyclopedia, google-ing it, wiki-ing it... & you will find some more info on feminists. Answer It depends on what you mean by feminist.
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