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Film cameras are honestly about as relevant to people as VHS tapes are. Only a small selection of people still use them because of the cheap price, familiar ease of use, and so forth.
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What does a film in a camera do?

  It stores the pictures so when you choose to get them developed the memory is still there.   Compared to a memory stick of which the data could be erased.

What can you do with a Good camera for photography but it is a film camera do people still use film cameras?

Yes people still use film cameras. For the money you get much finer resolution from film -- for the average person who just takes snapshots and usually only has 4x6 prints mad

Is camera a film?

Well films or movies are made from cameras so cameras are not films technically

Will outdated film still work for a film camera?

Yes, up to about a year post the expiration date if kept in a dark closet. I"ve taken some nice shots with backdated film! Usually enhances constrast. Use the same shutter spe

What does the film of a camera do?

a camera film securely keeps the photos you take in it's memory. that is why you always should have either a memory card, or a film. (depends on what kind of camera you have)

Does a camera have a film?

The old old fashioned ones did. I'am not sure if our new ones do, we have memory cards for cameras today! And yes, we still do have cameras that need film to work. (Not wise t