Are ghosts nice?

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Some Ghosts are Nice,but most of them arent, if your thinking of doing something like a weegie board i would advise you to as you realy know whats going to happen. people have had to many good experiences with weegie boards and never forget them.
Ghost's are nice some are mean and evil I HAVE a necles when it turns read that means evil ghost and nice ghost the necles i have the name is called the evil eye
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How do you turn mean ghost to nice ghost?

I would have to say something along the lines off gifts. not sacrifices or anything like that, just placing things out that it might like. maybe you could even try to talk to

Why are you nice?

Because that's the way you are born and it may occur because you feel bad for some one and you want to lighten up their spirits and not be mean.Cause when you are mean you bas

Is it possible to marry a ghost Like lets say there's a nice ghost that sticks around in your house could you marry it if you were in love or something?

well yes. i guess you could. but you would have a hard time arguing with it. and umm don't get cold feet either ____________________________ No. No you cannot. You must be a

Are ghosts nice to you?

yes the are very nice to you infact they wont hurt you if you say nomore then they would be your freinnd but if you say gober then they come to haunt you for revenge

How do you get to Nice?

It depends on where you are coming from. Nice is a beautiful city in Southern France. If you live in France, you can get there by train (TGV) or plane (there's an airport i

Is there a nice ghost?

yes there are nice ones but you have to be nice back to them and dont forget to say in jesus name to protect yourself you never know. .

Are ghosts mean or nice?

Well, it all depends on the ghost. You see, some ghosts who are murdered want people to find their killer so they can be put to jail. Other ones want revenge.
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How do you be nice to him?

If you see him/her just be friendly. Say hi. But don't ever do it. And if your asking in a snobby way on how to be nice to them, they really care and still wana b friends. tha
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How do you know if a ghost is evil or nice?

many people don't know but if you wanna check use ghost radar,if the ghost green or yellow it mean the ghost nice,if the ghost red or blue it mean the ghost evil