Are guardian angels real?

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Catholics believe in guardian angels, as do some other Christians. Their existence comes down to faith even more than some other traditions. Take it one step at a time:
  1. If God is omniscient, there is no reason for guardian angels to exist. They would not perform a function that God could not do easily.
  2. The term 'guardian angel' is not found anywhere in the Bible, so there is no scriptural evidence that they are real.
  3. If God exists, there may be angels but there is still no evidence that guardian angels exist.
  4. If God does not exist, guardian angels are most unlikely to exist.
  5. There is no proof that God exists.
  6. Therefore, on multiple levels, the likelihood of guardian angels being real is about zero.
Some people believe in them and some don't. I for one do! It is said that we each have a guardian angel if we choose to listen and pay attention (that nagging feeling in the back of your mind when something you are doing is not right or dangerous.) Is it instinct or a message from that guardian angel. Believe in what you want, I do!
This really did happen to me. I had just left my abusive husband in the 1970s and I had very little money. I quit my job and got a better one, but had to wait a week to start so funds were not there for me to even take a bus to work. No one knew I was starting my new job. On the day I was to start work I got up at 4:30 AM to make my trek into my new job. It really didn't bother me and I was very excited. I was in a business suit and well-groomed so I hardly looked like I was as desperate as I was. As I left my apartment I always turned left to go out the side door and for some reason my head turned and I looked to the right of the deserted hallway and right down by the carpet and wall. There propped up was exactly the 80 cents I needed to get to work on the bus. The coins were standing on their side against the wall. I was almost afraid to pick them up! That was not the end of it. I walked into the building where I was going to start work and walked up to the receptionist with a grin on my face and introduced myself. She smiled up at me and said she'd take me down to meet my boss. As she got up she went into her purse and handed me $50! I asked her what it was for and she simply said, "I think you could use this until pay day." I'm an extremely proud person so I told her I was fine. Without flicking her eyes she looked straight at me and smiled and said "please, do ME a favor and take the money." I did. Right on pay day I cashed my check and not only paid her back, but took her out for lunch. We have been great friends ever since and when she needed help through a rough divorce I was there 100%. Angel? Perhaps.  Jerry Rothermel, who was the first to interpret scriptures using language of mind, told me that your guardian angel or guide is always with you. Since they are not in a physical body, they learn when you do so there is constant encouragement to do so, but not a forcing. I think we all have experiences that verify that they are present. Although my experience with a guide is limited, I listened to many students and teachers more advanced than myself talk knowledgly about them. Jerry told about his first conversation with his guide after figuring out how to get in touch. the first words from his guide was " it was most difficult getting your attention". Much of the information from his guide was shared with the students since it had to do with the further development of this most valuable school in which we studied.
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I *know* I have guides and angels with me. After getting in touch with my guides, and communcating with them on a daily basis, I was still not believing in *Angels* much to the amusement of my guides. So they set out to prove it to me.
On three different occasions I saw them...and always in the prescense of another person. That person would look at me and say: did you see what I just saw, and I could laugh and say " angel." But it was the fourth encounter that changed my mind on the reality of angels.
I was sleeping downstairs keeping my terminally ill mother-in-law company and being there if she needed me, when I woke up in the middle of the night with a most amazing and divine feeling going all the way through me...words can't express it.
Opening my eyes, I saw two sets of Angel wings, one was gilded in gold the other was white and silver. I was so enchanted, and there was no fear. The gold winged one was between me and my mum, the other one was on her other side.
Since then I have found out that they manifest in a way we believe in..wings etc. but they don't really have them, they are just loving energies.
My guides got my attention, and yes I do believe in guardian angels and since then I have continued to have encounters with them and sometimes to connect with them and on a few occasions have speech with them.
 An angel is a supernatural being found in many religions, they typically act as messengers from a supreme being. They may also act as warrior or guard; the concept of a "guardian angel" is popular in modern Western culture. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape. Angels reveal themselves to individuals as well as to the whole nations, to announce events, either bad or good, affecting humans.
Catholic theology has assumed nine orders of angelic beings; Angels, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangels. Angels are ranked and vary in their abilities and duties. Duties may include recording every human being's actions, placing a soul in a newborn child, maintaining certain environmental conditions of the planet (such as nurturing vegetation and distributing the rain), taking the soul at the time of death and more.
In magic the Archangels are often used to invoke the elements by being given the duty of being the Lords of the Watchtowers. Angels don't operate in a world that is governed by the same limitations that we live with on a daily basis. Make a clear decision that you are going to invite the spirit of the angels into your life. If you do not faithfully request their presence, then you may not receive it. Part of the law that governs angels is that they may not interfere with your free will, except in times of danger when your life may be threatened and it is not yet time for your soul to transition.
I do believe in gaurdian angels. My name is alannah. Im 14 years old. I have lived all over this country because my father was in the military. And don't think im just telling my life story right now...i want you to know my background so this all makes sense. haha. but as i was saying. My mom and dad separated while i was two. I never really had a real dad. But i did have my mom who has been there for me through everything and i also had my grandma who was truly like a second mother. We moved quite alot. While i was in the kindergarden my mom met someone. His name was Randy. During the summer after my kindergarden year we moved to live with him. Ever since then we have lived here. My grandma of course came with us, and lived just right down the road, actually right off our driveway. She was leagally blind. I saw her everyday after school, and i was always with her. Usually me, my mom, and my grandma. We were all so extremly close. Then 6 years ago on Thanksgiving day, my grandma passed away. She had been in and out of the hosiptial for a few months now. I didnt know it at the time, but my mom went through so much. just imange having a small child, and your mother is dying. Plus, the relationship with Randy wasnt all that great either. anyways. I remember that day so clearly. I was with my best friend Samantha and her family. I was in the first grade. I came home to get some stuff and plus, my mom of course needed to tell me. I remember coming into the house, and seeing her and my step dad on the couch. I had no idea what was happening. almost as if being hit from behind. I didnt realize at the time how sick my grandma was. I went and i sat with my mom. and she just starting sobbing and sobbing. And then she told me. I didnt know what to do..other then cry. As most children you don't really realize what dealth is. You don't know that once that person is gone, there gone. my mom started having sever heart problems. to the point where i went for the weekend with my best friend again, because my mom truly thought she would die. I didnt know about any of this until a few months ago. About three days after my grandma died, my step sister had a dream. She wasnt close to my grandma it all, but my grandma came to her dream. In the same clothes she wore the last time she wore anything but a hosital gown. Jessica hadnt seen her in that outfit. My grandma was in her house, sitting on her couch saying tell them im ok, im ok. I really wish that she would come into my dreams. More then anything i just want to hug her and tell her how much i love her and how much she means to me. I miss her. I still have nights or days or whatever when i truly feel like i cant go on without her. That i need her there right now. I know this sounds silly, but i feel like she is always with me. I know i cant feel her or touch her or hear or see her. But i know shes there. I know she is. Right now she is probably sitting on my bed saying its okay alannah. I love you. Its okay. My grandma also had a son who lives quite awhile away from us. We went to see him this past break. And he had an old truck that he didnt want anymore. Well, yea well take it! haha. So we did. And when we went to get our state was YXD 3801. that may not sound like anything but one of the last things my grandma said to my mom was Yeah, exect a daughter. YXD. and 3801 were the last digits of her phone number. 3 years ago my mom got breast cancer. She had to get many surgeries for it. and it was a really rough time. And i know that my grandma was right there with her the whole time. making sure she came out good. And i know my grandma is with me. You just have to believe. If you have ever lost someone, please tell me about it. I really don't have anyone to talk to about this, most of my friends don't understand and its just to tough to talk to my mom about it. We both just end up crying the whole time. So please, i would really like it. Who knows, maybe you'll even feel better writing it.   i think guardian angels are name is 17 years old and live in mt.pleasant, sorry about your mom sister hayley died of rocky moutain spotted fever in 2002.i also know whats its like with people moving around everywhere.i don't have to anymore.ever since then strange things have been happening.everytime something goes wrong in our house or something i always think shes watching somehow.i just think shes watching over us.i miss her but its such a comfort to know that she might be around us angels are out there in the just have to believe in them.people who read these answers...these are true stories.believe in them.
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