Are gypsies from armenia?

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No. The Romani (who often labelled incorrectly as Gypsies) are originally from the Afghanistan/Pakistan region, not Armenia. However, they passed through Armenia on their way to Europe.
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What is Armenia?

Armenia:is one of the oldest countries in the world.It is a very natural country and has very beautiful views mostly it's green mountains all over the land ,it's a very peaceful country. Armenia is a small (former Soviet) republic is the southern Caucaus bordering on Turkey from west ,Azerbayjan (MORE)

Who is the President of Armenia?

Serzh Sargsyan (Սերժ Սարգսյան) is the President of Armenia, having assumed office on 2008 April 9. He won the 2008 February presidential election as chairman of the Republican Party.

What is a gypsy?

The term "gypsy" has several overlapping meanings. Initially the word was used to refer to the Romani people, who first appeared in England around the beginning of the 16th century. Although in certain contexts the word is still used to describe the Romani, it also describes those in English-sp (MORE)

What are gypsies?

Gypsies are a tribe of Indian people from the Punjab and Rajasthan region, who migrated to Europe a few centuries ago. The still keep the Indian culture and music alive in every country they go in their style of playing, dancing and singing. At one time it was mistakenly thought they were of Egypt (MORE)

What is the capital of Armenia?

The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan, which is situated on the Hrazdan river and on the Araratian plain. Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Why were gypsies hated?

Under Nazi Germany, anyone who didn't fit into the social normality's of society was targeted and sent to concentration camps. This included Jews, homosexuals, communists, those with disabilities and gypsies. The main reason was because these groups were easy targets. They were easy to identify, wer (MORE)

What is gypsy?

Gypsy is a term to describe a specific ethnic group. Most widelyknown gypsies are the Romani clan and the Scottish Travelers inEurope.

What is a Gypsie?

they take are land sell us tarmak and yoiu are dump cuz you cant spell gipo u gipo \nand they try to sell us pegs and things like that :)

Where is Armenia?

Armenia is a country in Eastern Europe in the Southern Caucasus.Countries that border Armenia are Georgia, The Nagorno-KarabakhRepublic, Naxicevan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran at the South.Armenia is a very ancient cultural and historical country that hasa history of nearly 6000 years (until 4000BC) (MORE)

Were is armenia located?

Armenia is located in the Middle East. It lies to the south ofGeorgia, the west of Azerbaijan, and the east of Turkey.

How old is Armenia?

Armenia has a history dating back to about 3500 B.C, but they were merely tribes. Armenia became a Noted Nation in about 700 B.C. in the late 300's A.D, Armenia fell to the Persian Empire in the east, and the byzantine empire in the west. it gained its independence in 1071 A.D.

Continent of Armenia?

Armenia is mostly in Europe. You cannot call it an Asian state because of its European cities and other things. The Caucasus (which includes Armenia) is in Europe more than in Asia.

What did gypsies do?

gypsy are traveling immigrant in a family custom group, sometimes the family isn't even related...they govern themselves as freelancers and they come from northern India or Europe, fact: gypsies invited the play in which during acts the palace or area watching would be picked clean or expensive item (MORE)

When is winter in Armenia?

The winter in Armenia is in winter, more or less. There are some skiing resorts in Armenia, such as: Tsahkadzor,Dzhermuk, Sevan (Akhtamar). Most known of them - Tsahkadzor,located just 40 kilometers away from capital of Armenia - Yerevan.

How is armenia today?

Armenia today has the economy which is growing and developing. Area disagreement holds up economic growth. In addition, Armenia has no access to sea ports difficult because the border with Turkey is closed. In 2010, it was confirmed that Turkey will keep the border closed for the predictable future (MORE)

How did Armenia get its name?

The native Armenian name for the country is Hayk'. The name in the Middle Ages was extended to Hayastan, by addition of the Iranian suffix -stan (land). The name has traditionally been derived from Hayk (Հայկ), the legendary patriarch of the Armenians and a great-great-grandson of Noah, (MORE)

What religion do gypsies have?

Although Romanis follow the predominant religion of their host countries(usually Christian or Muslim), in and among themselves, they have their own personal religious beliefs, mythologies, folklores & practices which are specific for them. They practice a form of shamanism. They also have divinat (MORE)

In which continent is armenia in?

Armenia is located on the continent of Asia, is referred to in several instances in the bible as the near east (NOT middle east!) and her most famous Mt. Ararat is also mentioned several times as her ancient name of Urartu. Armenia is half way between Asia and Europe and Armenians are referred to as (MORE)

Who are Gypsy and the Cat?

Gypsy & the Cat are one of the latest duo bands out of Melbourne, Australia. The guys consist of Lionel Towers and Xavier Bacash - born in Victoria. Their music is a blend of synthetic pop/rock and acoustic soft rock: much of their overall sound has abeen based around sounds of the 1970's and 1980 (MORE)

Do gypsies steal?

Yes gypsies steal. Everyone steals stuff. I am pretty sure not all gypsies steal, but gypsies that I see at my work (its not the place where you're going to find the richest most well-off people) will steal anything they can if they get the chance. They teach their kids to steal stuff from our shop (MORE)

What s a gypsy?

Romani. Like unicorns or leprechauns many people debate their existence. Or, they are people who steal money and are not trustworthy. Many places, like Greece or Spain, still have gypsies.

What are modern gypsies?

A modern Gypsy is someone who moves around alot. They often live in trailer homes. They are known to be swindlers and move because the cops are after them. This stereo type does not describe all gypsy's.

Are there malls in Armenia?

There are malls all over the world... of course there are malls in Armenia. The term MALL originates in the US. There are countries that have used this term for large shopping centres i.e. In the UK therm Shopping center equates to a US Mall

Are Gypsies offended when called Gypsy?

True Gypsies, such as Romany Gypsies, are not in the least offended. However, as with many words, it is the use and connotations that lend offence. In addition there is the growth of the 'politically correct' faction that feel their opinions should override everyone else. Though language is dy (MORE)

Are gypsys tidy?

We can't generalise all gypsies, just like people who live in houses some of their homes will be a wreck and others will have immaculate homes.

What did the Gypsy do?

Last night I was walking down the main road and was approached by the scum (gypsys). They asked for a reach around, which I gave them promptly; followed by a sharp patting down across the anal area. That is why i am so fond of the scum (gypsys). I offer a similar service for gay men across the (MORE)

How large is armenia?

Many years ago, Armenia was much larger than it is today, but when the Armenian Genocide happened in 1915 much of Armenia was taken over by turkey! Armenia is now about 1/3 of its size than it was before the genocide! Thanks to Turkey, many people died on that day and and innocent country with only (MORE)

Do gypsies pray?

No, Well that's what I think of cause some gypsies are like outcast they don't have a permanent home. And they go around place to place just to make a living. So yeah, they don't believe in god since they are merely just outcasts after all.

What are the climates in Armenia?

\n\n The climate changes depending\non the elevation, ranging from dry subtropical /continental types to the cold\ntypes. \n . \n\n

What does Armenia believe?

If you mean religion, Armenians by majority are Orthodox Christian. They were the first nation to accept Christianity.

What is a gypsy traveler?

Watch Big Fat Gypsy weddings on 4oD. They were originally thought to have come from egypt, that's how they got the name gypsy!

Are gypsies Egyptian?

No, they are Indian descent. At one time, it was believed that they came from Egypt, hence the name "Gypsy," but, later research found that they actually came from India.

Are gypsies Christian?

There are alot that are. Me and my fiance are. My Roma family are. Its just like everyone else that arent gypsies. Different families have different beliefs.

Why were gypsies targeted?

Hitler targeted them because they were almost universally hated in Europe for their criminal behavior & family lifestyle. They could be recognized by their appearance and location. In other words, it was easy to recognize and find them.

What are synonyms for gypsy?

Synonyms for the word gypsy: bohemian, nomad, roamer, sharper, tzigane, vagrant, zingara, zingaro . traveller, rambler, nomad, Romany, wanderer

What are facts about Armenia?

Armenia (officially the Republic of Armenia) was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion (in the early 4th century).

Are gypsies from Spain?

While there are Romanis(Gypsies)in Spain, that is not their country of origin. Romanis are believed to be descended from people who emigrated West, from India.

What is a gypsy soul?

Its basically the Gypsy "attitude". A need for adventure, change, and the skills to thrive wherever you are no matter what you have. A non-blood-gypsy can still be considered a gypsy if they have "Gypsy Soul" or "spirit".

Are there albanian gypsy?

Sure there is. Gypsies (Romani) are spread all over Europe. There are every possible European person that could be part of Romani descent; Serbian Gypsies, Bulgarian Gypsies, Greek Gypsies, Turkish Gypsies, Arabic Gypsies (Domari;Middle Eastern Gypsies), Italian Gypsies, you name it.

What facts are of Armenia?

It was the first christian country in 301 they had a genocide which was created by the Turks and started on April 24, 1915. 1.5 million people were killed Most of Armenia's land was taken away by turkey and is now known as turkey

What is a romni gypsy?

Romanis are a culture which descended from people from India who travelled all the way across to Europe. Their way of life is basically travelling around from country to country, and they usually live in caravans.

What is a gypsy mill?

I have a cabinet card (1890's ?) that shows a picture of a gypsy mill. It is impossible to gage the size because nothing else is in the picture.It could be a building (a mill).However, it is likely an appliance but it is very elaborate and appears to be well manufactured. I find nothing via internet (MORE)

What do they have in country of Armenia?

They are the unique nation state with language they say is Armenian. They are unitary with multiple unique state parties with visitor sites people seek to see.

Does Armenia have technology?

All humans living everywhere at all times that humans have livedhave had and continue to have technologies. The technologies thatthe earliest humans had were all created by their prehumanancestors. Every human that has ever lived at any time anywhere hasused thousands of different technologies every (MORE)