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Are hiccups called baby sneezes?

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of course, everybody knows that.
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How do you help a hiccupping baby?

You try to burp the baby. Either put the baby directly under your shoulder with their head on the top of your shoulder, and gently pat their back. You can also sit down and la

Is it possible to sneeze cough yawn and hiccup at the same time?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nNo because a sneeze and a cough mean you are breathing out, and you are breathing in when you yawn.\n. \nA hiccup is when your diaphragm is ou

Why is a sneeze called a sneeze?

Because when you sneeze the sound you make is "SNEEZE!" ^No, it really isn't. I've not heard one person say "SNEEZE" when they sneeze, ever in my life. I've heard people say

Why are they called hiccups?

They are called hiccups because the noise they make sound like a little "hicc" and you jump up. Hiccup

Why people hiccup yawn cough or sneeze?

  Hiccups: Like with the beating of your heart, your diaphragm and lungs have a smooth muscle/involuntary repetitive action cycle to them, you don't always have to remembe

Why hiccup yawn cough or sneeze?

Hiccup- your diaphragm had a muscle spasm or you breathed in to fast Yawn- when your body doesn't have a lot of energy Cough- to get out bad germs Sneeze- to get out bad germs

Can you burp cough fart sneeze and hiccup at the same time?

lol you can. First you drink some coke and burp but before you do that make sure you don't drink any water for about 30 minutes then you make sure you have a cold then you get