Are human teeth hollow?

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No, because when you chip a tooth there is no hollow compartment in the tooth.
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How are cats teeth different from human teeth?

A cat's teeth are designed to to hold down, kill and eat prey. The canines are very long in cats because these teeth help the cat hold on to its prey. They can also be use to

Are dog teeth different from human teeth?

Aside from the size and shape of a dog's tooth, they are pretty much the same as human teeth. Dogs have 42 permanent teeth: 20 upper, and 22 lower teeth. Dog teeth require

Are human lungs hollow?

Their principal function is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream, and to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. This exchange

Why are alligator teeth hollow?

The alligator's new tooth grows inside the old one, so it's alreadyin place when the old tooth falls out. Alligators can grow 5 fullsets of teeth over their lifetime.

Are lion teeth different from human teeth?

Yes, because lions are carnivores which means they eat meat so they have bigger and sharper canines needed for ripping apart their prey. As we humans are omnivores, which mean
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Do hollows eat humans or their souls?

no hollows eat souls of humans how have been killed and there is sometging keeping them from resting in peace
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How are the teeth of human different from the teeth of herbivores?

Herbivores have all molars in there mouth so that they can grind plants like grass, wild flowers etc. On the other hand humans have many different kinds of teeth in there mout