Are infectious diseases caused by people not washing their hands?

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No, but the microbes which cause the diseases can spread on people's hands, so good hygiene is an important element of disease control.
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What are the causes of non-infectious diseases?

I'm not quite sure if this is what you are looking for but I will give it to you anyways. I learned in health this year that they are caused by; the environment, nutritional d

An infectious disease is a disease that is caused by what?

Infectious diseases are those diseases which are caused by infectious agents (which include microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and virus, as well as some multice

Are infectious diseases caused by microorganisms?

Yeah. But Not all. Some infectious diseases are not caused by micro organisms.. Example.. Worm infestations.. Even though an infectious disease.. Worms are not considered as m

Can infectious diseases be caused by genes?

yes. because my mom was doctor and she said, for example, there are men and women, when they have this and that, and later they divorce and when the men ahd the deasease, the

Which disease is caused when you don't wash hands?

pretty much any disease or virus that is caught by entering the body. HIV or AIDS can only be caught if you have a cut on your finger, and it's bleeding, and someone's blood t

How is a non-infectious disease caused?

Non-infectious diseases are not caused by things entering the bodybut by things in the body changing for some reason. An example of anon-infectious disease would be something