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Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

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They curve with the curve of the Earth.
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What do lines of longitude and latitude measure?

Latitude and longitude are angles. A pair of numbers comprising one of each describes the exact location of a point anywhere on the earth's surface. If you mark a point on (MORE)

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What is the purpose of lines of latitude and longitude?

The line latitude and longitude are there to help humans understand  the difference between the north, south, east and west.   The function of latitude is to tell us far (MORE)

The Earth's Imaginary Lines

A map of the earth is covered in lines running east-west and north-south. These imaginary lines mark the location of the equator, prime meridian, the Arctic and Antarctic Cir (MORE)

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How many lines of latitude and longitude are there?

Longitude is the east-west (right/left) measurement on amap. It goes from 180 degrees west to 0 (through Greenwich, London, UK) then to 180 degrees East. 180 degrees West (MORE)