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Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

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They curve with the curve of the Earth.
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What are the major lines of latitude and longitude?

The five major lines of latitude are the Arctic Circle, the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle. The 2 major lines of longitude are

What is function of lines of latitude and longitude?

The function of latitude is to tell us far north south the equator we are. The function of longitude is to tell us east and west of the prime meridian we are.

Why are the longitude lines on a map curve?

They don't always. The problem is that a map is an attempt to fit a representation of the Earth's surface, which is curved, onto a piece of paper, which is flat. There are

What is the lines of latitude and longitude of London?

The Prime Meridian runs through the London Borough of Greenwich, meaning it has a longitude of zero degrees. London is approx 51.5° north of the equator. In summary: 51°32

What is the lines of longitude and the lines of latitude?

Longitude lines run north to south of the Earth. Latitude lines run east to west of the Earth. (You can remember which is which by thinking of Santa Clause: LONGatude is u

What are latitude and longitude lines?

I am not for sure. They are used to help find specific locations on the earth.

What is a straight line that intersects a curve?

A straight line that intersects a circle or curve at two points, but which has both end points outside the circle or curve is called a secant.   A straight line that links

What are Lines of latitude and lines of longitude?

Latitude and longitude are angles. A pair of numbers comprising one of each describes the exact location of a point anywhere on the earth's surface. If you mark a point on

Where the latitude and longitude lines intersect?

There are an infinite number of possible lines of latitude, and  there are an infinite number   of possible lines of longitude. Every possible latitude line  intersects

How are the lines of longitude and latitude alike?

Both are curved lines along the Earth's surface representing planar angles; both are divided into degrees, minutes, and seconds; and both can have the same degree length, very