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Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

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They curve with the curve of the Earth.
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What are Lines of latitude and lines of longitude?

Latitude and longitude are angles. A pair of numbers comprising one of each describes the exact location of a point anywhere on the earth's surface. If you mark a point o

What is a straight line that intersects a curve?

A straight line that intersects a circle or curve at two points, but which has both end points outside the circle or curve is called a secant. . A straight line that link

Why are the longitude lines on a map curve?

They don't always. The problem is that a map is an attempt to fit a representation of the Earth's surface, which is curved, onto a piece of paper, which is flat. There ar

Why are there curved lines of latitude on an atlas?

The surface of the earth is the outside of a sphere, whereas the pages of an atlas are flat. Right there, you have the fundamental problem common to all maps ... how best to

Why are longitudes and latitudes line are curve?

Because they are imagined to be drawn on the surface of the Earth, which has the shape of a sphere (a ball).

Is a level line curved or straight?

A level line is based on altitude. Altitude is the distance from sea level. Sea level is curved to the shape of the earth so a level line must be curved.

Is a straight line a curve?

Technically yes; a curve with infinite radius. Technically yes; a curve with infinite radius. Technically yes; a curve with infinite radius. Technically yes; a curve with i
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How do you draw a curve with straight lines?

While a curve is one continuous motion, you can create the illusion of a curve by using straight lines. In order to do this, draw a continuous pattern of short straight lines,