Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

They curve with the curve of the Earth.
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How many lines of latitude and longitude are there?

Longitude is the east-west (right/left) measurement on amap. It goes from 180 degrees west to 0 (through Greenwich, London, UK) then to 180 degrees East. 180 degrees West or (MORE)
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An Overview of Latitude in Geography

The world is a large place, full of many different physical locations, climates, and features. Without a system of measurement that accurately maps where a particular location (MORE)

Who uses lines of latitude and longitude?

Some of the people who regularly use latitude and longitude in their jobs are: geographers, cartographers, members of the Armed Services or military, geologists, aviators, tra (MORE)

What are latitude and longitude line and which direction do they run?

Lines of longitude go from pole to pole, so they all have the same length, and each one goes halfway around the world. They are numbered from 0° (the prime meridian) to 180° (MORE)

Interesting Facts About the Prime Meridian

A prime meridian is defined as a line of longitude at which the longitude is set to 0 degrees. A prime meridian, along with its opposite, which is called the 180th meridian, f (MORE)
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The Earth's Imaginary Lines

A map of the earth is covered in lines running east-west and north-south. These imaginary lines mark the location of the equator, prime meridian, the Arctic and Antarctic Cir (MORE)