Are latitude and longitude lines curve or straight?

They curve with the curve of the Earth.
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Why do lines of longitude and latitude exist?

Longitude and latitude exist to add dimensionality and measurement  to the Earth, so that navigators and explorers can determine their  absolute position on the planet. With (MORE)
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Find Your Way and Pinpoint Any Location Using Latitude and Longitude

Students of geography, and anyone else who needs to find their way around a map with more confidence, may benefit from a fuller understanding of latitude and longitude. The tw (MORE)
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An Overview of Latitude in Geography

The world is a large place, full of many different physical locations, climates, and features. Without a system of measurement that accurately maps where a particular location (MORE)

Interesting Facts and Details about the Equator

Referred to in many books and movies, the equator, also known as latitude zero, though it is only an imaginary line has inspired many people and started many quests. The equat (MORE)
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The Earth's Imaginary Lines

A map of the earth is covered in lines running east-west and north-south. These imaginary lines mark the location of the equator, prime meridian, the Arctic and Antarctic Cir (MORE)

Understanding Straight Line Depreciation

A business that buys an asset with a useful life of over a year does not simply record the entire asset cost as an expense in the year purchased. One of the most common metho (MORE)
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Why a Curve Ball Actually Curves

The curve ball is not an optical illusion. It often appears that way to a batter however. It is one of the more difficult pitches in baseball to hit when properly thrown. A cu (MORE)