Are military retirees authorized to purchase issue items at military clothing sales stores?

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Yes, you are allowed to purchase military issue clothing if you are not in or have once been in the military.
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Where can I find Military retirees uniform regulations?

Retiree Uniform Regulations. (Ref: . In general, the uniform may be worn for ceremonies or at official functio

Do military retiree fall under the UCMJ?

Yes and no, the military can recall you if you are suspected of having commited an offense while you were on active duty. The offense must be Courts-Martial level. They cannot

In what year did the US military stop including cigarettes as a standard issue item?

Seems like the late 1970's, possibly '76 or so. But many of those cigarette issued C rations hadn't been used up yet. So it was possible to grab a meal with C rat cigarettes i

Can a NCO order a soldier to purchase military items?

Yes, a Soldier is given a clothing allowance for the purchasing Military gear. As long as it does not fall out of the spectrum of standard issue. i.e. You will purchase any wo
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Do military retirees pay taxes on retirement income in WA?

If you are talking about state income taxes, Washington does not have a state income tax so there would be no state income tax on the retirement income for Washington resident