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Are most Latin Americans literate?

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Today nearly 90 per cent of Latin American/Caribbean adults can read and write in Spanish but poor education systems continue to generate new illiterates
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Where do most Latin Americans live?

Most Latin Americans live in Latin America, which spans the region from Mexico, through Central America, to (and including) South America.

Most educated Latin American countries?

Well, Colombia and Mexico have one of the best education systems in Latin America, but countries like Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay have an overall more educated populati

How were most Latin American countries governed?

It depends on which period of history are you referring to. If youmean during the time all of them were part of the Spanish,Portuguese and French empires, most of them were "o

Are most Latin Americans litirate?

This is a very inappropriate question, which border lines on being very prejudice. Literacy on a whole depends on a variety of factors and we can not judge one group of people