Are oceans getting saltier. explain why or why not?

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All rivers, streams and such, lead to the ocean. As the streams flow, they simply pick up salt from rocks, and other such stuff that may have salt, and carry to the ocean. so graduelly the ocean gets saltier every year. Another answer: I heard or read somewhere, that as mankind harnesses the water from the major rivers, less fresh water reaches the oceans. This, in turn, makes the ocean salt levels higher, because there is less fresh water to dilute the salt content.
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Why does rainwater make oceans saltier?

Answer . Well, it doesn't, of course. In fact, the salt content of the oceans remains fairly constant because:. It is increased by rivers dissolving salts out of rocks an

Which is saltier the dead sea or the ocean?

The dead sea is so salty absolutely nothing lives in it, you cannot swim in it either, only float a little. So to answer your question the Dead sea is much more salty than any
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What keeps the ocean from getting saltier?

well,it can't get more saltier and it can't get less.the denser the water is,the saltier it'll be.the less denser,the less salty it'll be.its the same amount of salt,just diff
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Why are they usually saltier than an ocean?

the normal water is not saltier than the sea water this is because water that we drink comes fom the lake (dirty water) but then it gets cleaned down the tunnles whereas the s
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Why aren't the oceans getting saltier?

Because, salt and water are both matter so neither can be removed from the earth since the beginning of time the salt and water levels have exactly the same.