Are polar bear testicles covered with fur?

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Yes they are. They're also closer up into the body so that they stay warm and don't get frost bite during the coldest days of the Arctic winter.
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Why do polar bears have white fur?

Polar bears do not have white fur, but semi-transparent fur. The polar bear's fur seems colourless and for many years, scientists worked on the theory that the individual hair

Do polar bears have white fur?

The fur of a polar bear is semi-transparent, and actually looks yellow up close, but the snow makes it look white. This doesn't exactly mean that a polar bear would look green

Why does a polar bear have greasy fur?

Its greasy fur is water-repellent, and so it reduces heat loss by cooling through evaporation. (Water requires energy from the skin to evaporate).

Why polar bears have fur on their body?

They are mammals and mammals have fur on the body. And also, the fur on them is too keep themselves warm at arctic regions because these regions too cold regions