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Fence and gate laws as they pertain to the installation and safety of pools are handled at the local (City, County) level in California. They are most commonly part of the the building code regulations.
Please check with your State to make sure that the same is true for you where you live.  
A national pool safety law was just recently passed into law and signed by President Bush. The law follows the ICC recommendations (formerly BOCA) for pool safety barriers. For more information please view the links below.
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Do you have to have a fence around a pool in city limits?

Answer . Most cities now require at least a six foot fence with a lockable gate. Even more and more rural counties are now requiring this also. It is also a good idea to ha

Is there a law requiring the owner to fence in a swimming pool in Georgia?

Several states have enacted removable pool fence laws. This law for all pools has reduced the number of drownings significantly. While no fence is unclimbable, the barrier bet

Are there swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

not that i know of but maybe in your comunity I do not know what kind of a logical answer the above is. Fence laws applyin every city, county, state It is a logical answer bec

Is there a fence law for in ground pools?

  Yes, almost all cities or counties or states have laws about this requiring pools to be secured by fences. The dimensions and other requirements differ, so consult your

Who would know if there are swimming pool fence laws in Alabama?

  Check with your homeowners insurance. The most important thing is child safety.     Answer   In December of 2007 the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety

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Yes certain townships have different requirements. When I installed my above ground pool I wqas required to have a minimun 4 ft. high fence with a locking gate to assure that

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What are the Pennsylvania pool fence laws?

It doesn't matter what the law states or doesn't state; the important factor is to consider reducing or eliminating your liability if someone were to trespass and then drown o

Is there a law on swiming pool fences?

Yes, it is an IBC code requirement and every municipality has it's own additions or alterations to the general code requirement. Check with your local Building Official.