Are propane heater fumes harmful?

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well, if you consider the combustion products of propane when oxygen is not a limiting factor, they are water and carbon dioxide, one of which is harmless and the other will cause you to breathe a little faster. The problems arise as the supply of oxygen begins to be depleted, say if you are in a closed room, you are competing for oxygen with the burner, if the oxygen supply in room drops below a certain level, an inevitability if room is truly closed, the burning propane will burn yellow instead of blue, and carbon monoxide is produced, this is highly toxic to humans, binds to hemoglobin with something like 200 times the affinity as oxygen, thereby starving your brain of oxygen, it is even the more potentially deadly because as your hemoglobin gets more polluted with carbon monoxide you just feel sleepy and perhaps a little dizzy, so it is particularly easy to fall asleep and die. The way to avoid dying is to insure that there is always adequate ventilation for any indoor heat source that uses oxygen to burn some fuel source. Open window, at least an inch, even if i lessens the heat derived from source, will insure adequate oxygen supply.
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