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Many breeds and species of goats and sheep look alike, especially when you compare such animals in the middle east and India. Goats and sheep are different species, of different subfamilies. Both have unbranched non-deciduous horns, but sheep have tear ducts below their eyes, and scent glands under their dewclaws. Goats do not. Raspberry, Portland, Oregon
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Are a goat and sheep the same animal?

No, sheep are primarily used for both meat and wool production (the only breed of goat used for fleece is the Angora, another breed of goat used for its fibre are Cashmeres),

Are goats the same as sheep?

Heck no!!!   The goat's scientific name is caprine. Their tails go up and are not docked. They are browsers. Most goats have horns. A male goat is called a buck. A femal